September 30, 2004
Things To Think About at 4 AM
Why am I up thinking at 4 am? You got me. Insomnia, I suppose. Again.

So, these are what my random thoughts are when I can't sleep and I really need about 4 more hours of sleep:

Things that piss me off at 4 am:
*4 yr-old kicking me mercilessly, waking me from sleep that took hours to come in the 1st place
*discovering a 4 yr-old peed in my bed, in spite of the fact she has on watertight overnight pants

*said 4 yr-old crying when I wake her from her own sleep to tell her to get out of my bed and change herself
*changing a king-sized bed all by yourself at 4 am, because a 4 yr-old peed in it
*the injustice of being asked to sub in the preK/Kindergarten class the week after being relieved to have a different job at the school - oh and by the way, getting that call at 10:30 pm the night before they want you to teach
*thinking of the tragedy hundreds of thousands of Floridians are dealing with - unlivable houses, no electric, countless drastic changes to many people's way of life as they struggle to pick up the pieces
*a 2 yr-old crying when you're actually just about to drift off about 4:30am
*said 2 yr-old kicking you in the breast after you exhaustingly, but lovingly allow her to join you and the bedwetter in the nice-and-clean king-sized bed
*failing to fall back to sleep, when you now need another 4.5 hours of sleep
*laying in bed thinking of all the things that need to be done, when you really should be sleeping since you have to spend the day with seven 4 & 5 yr-olds
*realizing that we don't have enough money in our account to pay all the bills that are due now
*realizing that I am going to actually have to do a bit more work than I am doing, ie. sell some
make-up/bath & body stuff
*realizing I have 2 days to get my stuff together for the Arts & Wares Showcase at church
*realizing I forgot after bedtime last night that a 2 year old put almost an entire roll of toilet tissue into the toilet, after not even peeing in it
*scooping piles of toilet tissue out of the girls' bathroom potty at 5 am, just so I can pee, without flooding the apartment
*having to use the girls' bathroom instead of my own because I don't want to wake them sleeping in my bed
*doing laundry at 5 am

Things that make me grateful at 6 am:
*angel children who love me so much and miss their daddy so much they want to sleep in my bed
*I have a safe place for said angel children to live
*I am able to help a school that really needs it
*I offered to take a pay cut at said school because there is no way they will meet their budget
*I have a husband who understands why I did that, and is not angry with me but appreciates that about me
*fresh pineapple that is sweet as honey
*birthday wishes in abundance from my online friends, even though I didn't hear from half my own family - I even got more birthday emails from other friends that didn't acknowledge me last year or the year before or the year.... you get the idea
*a SIL who tried to find a way to spend one day in Atlanta just to be with me on my birthday (even though it didn't work out, the fact she even tried was amazing, since she lives in another state)
*my rockin' friend, L, who spent the entire day with me (even though her son helped with the toilet tissue incident) and even took us out to lunch for my birthday
*soup, salad and breadsticks
*pineapple. damn, this stuff is good
*getting to be the one who spends the first day of his leave with my cousin who is in the Air Force, about to be sent to the middle east
*knowing he will cry when he sees me at the airport (even though he knows I will be getting him there)
*hearing my husband's voice on the phone, even though I'd rather hear right next to me
*knowing he will leave the hotel tomorrow night and spend the night with his parents and then go to a football game on Saturday with one of his good friends
*feeling better after writing this post and listing the things I am grateful for

I love you guys, really. I so appreciate the support and friendships that I have made here in cyberspace and look forward to meeting up with
Becca soon for dinner and our Blog Party in a few weeks with Becca, Cara and Sandi! And hey, anyone in the Chicago area that wants to get together for lunch/afternoon of Friday, November 19... I am going to be in the windy city!
Until next time, God Bless You.
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September 29, 2004
"Now who's the little brat?"
This out of the mouth of a close newer friend, T - to me last night. Why? Because a couple months ago I called her to ask her a question and she casually mentioned her family's plans to take her to a special restaurant that evening (one that only she was interested in). I asked why and she said, "well it's my birthday." No warning or nuthin. I was mad (I would have sang awfully to her and generally tried to do something special for her), but quickly recovered by showing up at her T*pperware party with a HUGE homemade birthday cake, the very next morning. Anyway.... about last night: She said she'd "try to call back tomorrow to finish our conversation" (our kids were ready to go to bed). I casually said "Just call me tomorrow to wish me Happy Birthday".

The real question here is: how do you let your new(er) friends know when your birthday is? Is there a time-frame of friendship to expect it is appropriate to just tell them? And how, exactly, is one supposed to get the message across without sounding like you want something more than just a well wish?

These things have plagued me for months (since T's birthday)....
How do I ask my friends when their birthdays are so I can just send them happy wishes on (or close to) that day?
How do I let my friends know that I could really use a well wish on my own birthday, particularly in the absence of my husband?

Is this tacky to talk about on one's own birthday?

Damn, I am just going to claim alzheimer's, since I am getting so old.
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September 28, 2004
I swear Kelly shares my brain
What Color is Your Brain?

The weird thing about these little quizzes is every single time,
Kelly and I have the exact same results.... Is it super-weird? or is it divine?

brought to you by Quizilla
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September 27, 2004
A Mishmash of Sorts
There is so much that I haven't written about in the last week... I guess I will just write and maybe will have to split this all into a couple different posts. Forgive me if this is too much info at once.


Well, last week I learned that we have to wait 90 days for benefits with A's new company. What's the big deal? you ask? Well, this was one of the points that I insisted A negotiate and he didn't. On top of that, the main reason I am upset about this is because little A has asthma, among other issues. This means that if there should be an occasion in the next few months that she would need to see the dr. or god forbid be hospitalized, we would have to pay out of pocket. Not to mention, her medicine that she is supposed to take every day costs $150/30 doses without insurance. Well, this is all unacceptable. It is too big a risk. So, I have been stewing over this a bit. We have since decided (with some pretty fierce nudging from A's parents) that even though it will be significant cost, we will pay for COBRA in order to keep little A covered.

Not to mention I have been getting migraines for weeks. And well, that just sucks. I did figure out a bit over a week ago that perhaps the headaches were due to a wisdom tooth. There it was on the top, poking out toward my cheek (not even close to breaking through the gums, but still forming quite a lump there). I decided I needed to get my butt in gear and have it checked out while I still had insurance (merely 4 more days, as far as we know). Well, I was able to get in same day with a dentist (my dentist is in FL, I know, I know I should have found one here a year ago when we moved, but it was just easier to schedule my cleanings while I was visiting family in FL). Well, actually that dentist was out til Thursday, so the office staff had me come in and they did my x-rays, then referred me to an oral surgeon. I was able to get a same day appointment for a consultation. He said, looks like this could be causing some problems. Well, no crap, why else would I be there? Anyway, they were awesome and had me go to yet another office the next morning for the actual "surgery" (he was going to be in a different office the next day and I wanted to ensure that I could get it done and still have a couple days of insurance in case something went wrong). Anyway.... I am recovered mostly and I have to tell you that I have an awesome friend, L, who totally rocks. She met us at the office (A dropped me and the girls off before going to work) and afterwards took us to her house where she took care of the three of us til A retrieved us after work. I can't ask for better, kinder people in my life. What a blessing to have friends like that.


So.... on to the rest of the week. We tried to spend more time together as a family than we usually do, considering it will be a while til we really have that opportunity. We spent one evening on blankets and pillows on the living room floor watching The Sound of Mus*c, well, the first part up to the puppet show. The girls thought it was the coolest thing and it made A and me remember the times we would rent movies and camp out on our living room floor in our first apartment - the days we would spend hours making out. Ah.. the memories... We also went to the park and just spent some good time together this past week and half. It was a nice way to prepare for sending him off to Florida.


Ah! there is something really cool!!!! Okay, well, I think it is. Due to needs changing at school, I have been offered a different position (no longer teaching Kindergarten) - working in the office. This is a total load off my shoulders. I was really enjoying teaching, but it wiped me out and I had homework nearly every day, in spite of the fact I only had the kids in class 2x a week. Since I was new to teaching, it was challenging and a LOT of work. This new job of working in the office, while it isn't a cakewalk, it is much more suited to my current abilities and I am finding myself much more at ease (in my former life, I was Super-Admin-Asst. - so much so that one of my former bosses wanted to hire me to be her assistant working out of my home and she is in Kentucky!) Anyway.... So, this is a good thing. The kindergarten students (now only 2 of them since one is moving to a different school location) are now in with the preK class, which is actually better suited to their current abilities and that teacher (V's teacher) is awesome and doing mostly Kindergarten work with the students anyway.


We had a wonderful weekend. Ran a TON of errands on Saturday, then we all collapsed for naptime. We had dinner out with the girls on Saturday, after strolling through the little shopping area in Vinings. Then we took the girls to pick up their pottery they painted last weekend and went to the park to walk and run and play, enjoying the beautiful fall evening. Yesterday, A and I had a date at our favorite restaurant for lunch, to celebrate my birthday early (plus, I just happened to have a birthday postcard from the restaurant for a free entree - gotta love a great deal on delicious food).

Who knew there would be blessings mixed in with the devastation a hurricane can bring? We were bought an extra 2 days together, thanks to Jeanne. I know A is anxious to get there and get started, particularly since there was some new damage from yesterday's hurricane, but I refuse to let him drive to FL in current weather conditions. It looks like he will go to bed early and get on the road around 3:30-4:00 am Tuesday. He is really excited and, truth be told, I am too. I am not looking forward to the separation, but I know what light is at the end of this tunnel.

I am off for now, gotta make french toast for breakfast and enjoy this last day together as a family!


Cell Phones
Generous Parents
Church Responsibilities
A Blog Party!

Until next time, God Bless You!
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September 22, 2004
My True Love

I am having an incredibly sad week. My love is having a great week. I am dreading Sunday when he will pack his car and drive away to a new job. He is happy to be in his last couple days working for his current company. He is happy to be about to embark on a new and exciting journey. A new chapter in his career. I am happy for him and his happiness.

But I am going to miss him.
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September 17, 2004
Finally... A Normal Day
I am so selfish these days. I feel I need to be to protect my on-again-off-again-fragile mind.

Yesterday was a pretty good day in spite of the fact that when I got home I cracked open the top of my head on a cabinet have I mentioned before that I am a total clutz? Anyway, I really did crack my head good, blood and huge lump and all. Ridiculous.

IVAN Update: We have fared rather well in our neck of the woods, even though 2 miles up the road the mighty Chattahoochee overflowed its banks and totally flooded our neighbors. Even though it took A almost 2 hours to travel the 9.05 miles from work to home last evening. Even though there are still over 200,000 people without power in the Atlanta area. We are blessed. No damage to our families, no damage to our cars or anything we own and not even one bit of inconvenience really from the terrible Ivan.

I will interject here that we have very good friends who live in Pensacola. I am concerned for them and the thought they might not have a fully intact home to return to. With no family closer than 10 hours away, I don't know what they will do in the event their home was destroyed as so many were in that area. The son (and his parents in law) of a fellow teacher lost everything material. Thank GOD his pregnant wife and 2 children came up to Atlanta to weather the storm. Thank God they all still have each other.

DROGAS & DOCS: I have left a message for the nurse at my OB office to get me more drugs. I hope not to need them, but I can't risk not having them in the event that A will be gone in just a short week. I have also had very real panicky thoughts about all our dr.s switching. Of course, they would have to because we are moving, but the girls and I will still be here for 3 months until we move. I am praying that our existing necessary docs are on the new company's plan. If not, I don't know how we will pay for little A's coming appointments in October and November. Not to mention her medicine. I am going to refill everything early to save about $50 in prescription costs (I already know the rate the new plan pays and it is less). Anyway.... These really have been the least of my worries lately... Just one more thing to stress over in my poor-little-anxiety-ridden head.

But, the good news is that I feel better. Strangely, magically, blessedly.... I am not thinking of curling up and sleeping the afternoon away. I am thinking of the million and one things I need to get done this weekend so I can enjoy my last week with my husband at home.

Oh, and now I am concentrating on raising the $1000 that is required of our family for the school. Anyone want to buy any
wrapping paper? Half of each sale goes to the school (and counts toward our $1,000). If you are interested, please let me know.

I hope everyone is safe: Shelly and her family, Cara's family, even Becca's family since I know this storm has affected all different parts of north Georgia. And man, let's pray for Cara and Jen as they are feeling the effects of Ivan today.

Until Next Time, you are awesome and I can't thank you enough for your support and encouragement in this bizarre and black week. I love you all!
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September 16, 2004
There is seriously something wrong with me
I can't believe myself.

I am relieved that I have one student out today. Possibly others due to this hurricane coming towards us. Because my class will be so small (1-2 students) today and the principal needs some help in the office desperately, my class will join the pre-K class for the day. This means I am free for the day, but not really because I will be doing a ton of office work. What kind of sickness do I have that I just don't want to be with those boys for a day? I need to regroup and get to a point where I feel I have some kind of control again, they ran me ragged Tuesday. Is it wrong to look forward to office work simply because I know I am good at it? Shouldn't I be compelled to be with the students and impact their lives in a positive way? I just want to be in the office today. Selfish me.

I am relieved that I don't have to face my mom's group today. Why? Again the bad weather will be keeping most of us at home (or in my case, at school where I should be anyway). Is it wrong to be relieved that a bad storm is keeping me from fulfilling commitments on this particular day? I think it is. I think I am losing it to feel relief in spite of the fact that I am concerned for everyone on the Gulf Coast who have been devastated by this hurricane overnight. I have friends who live in Pensacola. Close friends. Who have a one year old son. Will they go back to their one year old home and find they have lost everything? Where do you live when that happens? I know they can go to the Tampa area where their families live, but what about his job? In Pensacola? I am so saddened to think of what so many people have lost overnight - they think up to 9 people died so far. The tornado watch area covers part of 3 states, all the way up to the Macon area.

Let's not forget to pray for Sandi's family and Cara's family that all live in middle Georgia.

But I am relieved. Man, just pray for me to get over this anxiety about my responsibilities. I am calling the doctor today to get more medication. My brain is making crazy thoughts - how can I be worried about a bad storm but relieved it means I get out of some responsibility today? I can't live like this. I appreciate your support and cyber hugs. I am not in such a pit of despair that I can't be realistic about what is going on in my life - that is why I am calling the dr. today.

Until next time, God Bless You.
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September 15, 2004
Seems Like Whining
When I talk about my own stuff, it just seems like whining... But, this is my space and I am going to whine a little, even at the risk of turning some of you off.

A migraine yesterday? Though it is the worst I have had in probably years, complete with vomiting from the pain, I have to admit I have it pretty good in life.

Being unhappy about my weight and how I look? Well, damnit if I would get off my ass and away from this computer, and get some exercise I might have a fighting chance of making it to 30 with a decent opinion of how I look and feel.

Being totally overwhelmed with this teaching job? Well, again, if I would get away from the blogging, I would have a fighting chance of doing a half-way decent job with these students. I should be spending all my spare time learning about teaching rather than reading what everyone has to say today (or yesterday or the day before)... No, really... The teaching is harder than I thought it would be. I just don't get boys - they work different than girls do.

Freaking out that my husband is actually going to be moving to another state in like 10 days? Oh, what the hell can I do about that?! Nothing. Live with it. Pray these next few months fly by. What am I doing blogging when I should be preparing for my wonderful husband to return from work??? Damn, is there something wrong with me?

Frustrated that even though I volunteered, I have no idea how I am going to prepare for a moms group meeting for my church that is tomorrow... I offered to do 30 minute quickie makeovers for everyone. I have no idea how many women are coming!! What was I thinking? Should I bring products for them to buy? How am I going to get it all there??!?!

Why didn't I go to wal-*art to get the supplies for the art project for school tomorrow? When am I going to do it - in my sleep?

Yesterday, I held a baby girl who is 2 weeks old. Born the day my Gabriella might have been had she not left us too soon. But, wait, in the morning, when I first saw her with her mother in the hallway at school, I literally ducked into a darkened room to avoid them. When I saw that little baby, I seriously felt that a truck hit me right in the chest. What is my problem? I knew I would see this baby sooner or later and while I am happy for that family, I am surprised by my own childish reaction - come on, I hid in a dark room. After 4 hours, I was recovered enough to act like a civil human being and actually look at that sweet baby and the mom God bless her let me hold her even though I am obviously a raving lunatic.

I tell you, there is something wrong with me this week. I swear I am more overwhelmed than I have felt in a while and even though I know I have, like, a million things to do, I choose to sit here reading about everything else but what I should be doing.

I gotta get some help - do you think I should get back on my medication?
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Another Post About Allie
I can't add any words to the beautiful things that have been said regarding Allie and her family on everyone's blogs: The song lyrics on Kelly's, Jennifer's and more... The wonderfully touching tributes on Becca's, Tanya's and more.... The blog stickers that Jen has created...

But, I wanted to document how I am feeling about this
Allie Scott phenomenon. This family has touched me in a way that I never knew possible - they have singly put me in my place in my own family. They have reminded me not to take any moment for granted. They have shown me a way of loving each other that I find utterly compelling to display within my own family (who, by the way, I had no problem with the way we loved each other before). But, I want my children to feel ALWAYS that I love them above everything and I want my husband and me to be the strongest partners and parents we can be. I have even recently thanked God that Ana has asthma... not something much worse.

I am incredibly saddened by the loss of Allison Scott. I feel more pain for her parents and family than I ever thought I could feel for complete strangers. I pray many times each day that they find comfort in each other and in knowing that Allie is whole and perfect and protected fully in the arms of our loving Father. I thank God that this family had Allie in their lives for even the short 9 months she was here on earth (not to mention the perfect 9 months growing within Jenny's own body). Thank God for the example this family has given me and the rest of us to love our families more and grow more patient with our sometimes challenging children - we have the blessing of being able to hold our babies each day and kiss their faces a million times. May it always be so.

God be with the Scott family and may Angel Allie know that there were so many prayers sent up for her good health and now in thanksgiving that she is no longer suffering. What a perfect soul.
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September 12, 2004
A New Job!
I can't believe it! We are moving back to Florida! Yee Ha!!!

The offer was less than we wanted/thought reasonable, but he is accepting it nonetheless. It is a reasonable offer, we just had hoped for a tiny bit more. It is still more than what he is making now and since it is a GM position only one hour from our families, there is nothing more that we could ask for. Well, maybe that it wasn't in the town where the last two hurricanes made the X. This leaves us with the reality that he will be gone in 2 weeks. Yep, fourteen days from now I will be a single parent again, albeit temporarily. This part sucks.

There are some really awesome things about this move:

#1 We will be only one hour from our parents and friends in the Tampa Bay area
#2 We will be half hour from The Mouse
#3 We do have some friends in Orlando that we would love to spend more time with and now we can!
#4 I have a dear friend that will be right up the street from wherever we buy a house - she lives in the same small town - we know each other from high school in Ohio
#5 Last, but not least, Adam will have a hotel of his own and be out from under his current company's mismanagement

There are some bad things about this move:

#1 We will be separated for a few months with only a visit or two each month
#2 I will be a "single" parent for these next months - do you remember that I just accepted a teaching position at V's school?
#3 A will miss the girls terribly
#4 The girls will miss their daddy terribly
#5 I will miss my husband terribly
#6 I hope my husband will miss me terribly ;)
#7 It will be at least 3 months until we live as a family again

Do you notice that the bad stuff list is longer than the good stuff list? Don't be fooled. The bad stuff list is all the same thing from a different perspective. I am very excited about this move and actually can't wait for tomorrow when he can turn in his resignation.

So, we are finally going home. Or at least as close as we are going to get. We couldn't be happier. There could not have been a better end to a weekend spent with all of our parents. More on that next time.
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September 07, 2004
Oh, the waiting....
Sometimes even when we have the best intentions to submit ourselves to God's will, the waiting is agony...

We are pretty certain that we will be getting news today, but it seems that just that knowledge has put me on edge. We are getting what we think are clear messages through prayer that this job in Florida will be a reality in just a couple short weeks. What if we are wrong??? What if we have allowed ourselves to get our hopes up and are about to be shot down? What if we are interpreting the messages in prayer incorrectly? There has been little interpretation, but what if what we are reading in the Bible has nothing to do with our current situation?

What if? What if...? Getting myself worked up over this is not going to change the outcome. It just isn't. So, pray for grace and patience for me.

And by the way, did you know that we are leaving tomorrow to go to Florida for a few days? We have tickets to see Sting/Annie Lennox Thursday night in Tampa. Well, that has been postponed til who knows when. This is actually okay. I am disappointed that I will probably now miss the show, but we will give my ticket to a friend of ours who always gives us Orlando theme park tickets for free.

So, we are going down and maybe going to help our families get the trees out of their yards, then we are all going to Disney on Friday. That's right. All of us. This means me, A, V, A and all 4 grandparents. It is amazing that they agreed to go together - it seems the grandparents don't like to "infringe" on the others' time with us. I guess since this time that is the only time any of them will get to spend with us, they've decided to share the grandchildren for the day. Anyway, we hope it works out that A can go check out the hotel there that may be "his" in a few short weeks.

All very exciting stuff. I am off to do laundry so we actually have clothes to wear to Disney. That's a good idea - that we all have clean clothes to wear on our trip. ;)

Until next time, hug your families and remind them how much you love them.
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September 06, 2004
My Girls

Well, here is finally an entry about my girls. I won't have too many of these since this is my space, but I really wanted to share some things about the lights of my life with those of you who care to read about them.

V. My first daughter. The one who made me a Mommy. The one who introduced me to truly all-consuming love. The one who will certainly challenge my mind as she exceeds all expectations for a child of mine. She just turned 4 one week ago. Amazing how time flies. She is in pre-K at a wonderful school that is 2 days/week and we teach her at home the other 3 days. She has been moved up to Kindergarten math since she is "advanced". She is also going to take the Kindergarten Science, History and Art classes (since I am the K teacher and her school day ends an hour and half before mine ends.) I didn't know she was more bright than usual until she was in a classroom with her peers (and some kids who are older than her by more than a year). We don't know what we will do in the future about her education - is it going to be a challenge to keep her growing in a mainstream school? She is tender and loving and sweet. She sits next to me at church and strokes my arm - showing me that she likes it when I do the same to her. I love that she is so protective of her sister. I love that she is so matter-of-fact. I love everything about her, pretty much. And isn't she just a most beautiful child?

A. My baby. My spirited, shockingly busy, animated princess. She is the spitfire of the family, stealing this title from me. She is the center of attention of the family, stealing that title from her father. Her hair is wild, much like her attitude. If you watch her face long enough, you are easily convinced she is a character from a cartoon - so expressive and hysterical. She makes us laugh with her antics and cry from her sweetness. She loves fiercely and plays just as hard. She grows more and more pretty every day. And silly. And wonderful.

These wonderfully sweet girls have been entrusted to my care. They have made my life so much happier than I could have imagined possible and I will be eternally grateful to God and A for helping me create them and bring them into our lives. The blessings I experience each day because of these amazing creatures make my life more meaningful and full of wonder.
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September 03, 2004
Me, a Kindergarten Teacher?
Yep. I am now a Kindergarten teacher. The Kindergarten Teacher. Not Mrs. Unpronouncable Czech Name, Miss Holly - am I the only one who thinks it is cruel to expect 5 year-olds to remember a name so difficult to pronounce?

Yesterday was my first day. It was exhausting! In spite of having only 2 students in my class yesterday, I was wiped out by noon. There is a small hiccup: not only do I have two pre-K students added to my class for math, but I have to develop the lesson plans for the class. Not just for T, Th when I have them in class, but also for M, W, F when their parents teach them at home.

Since I have no experience teaching in a real classroom, this will all be a challenge for me. Let's face it, when I taught 7th grade CCD 5 years ago, the lessons were given to me and it was one night a week. Not an entire week of lessons. I am supposed to come across to the parents as a real teacher. I have no doubts I can be a good actor when I need to be, but this is asking for something far out of my repertoire. I can do it. I will do it.

I want these kids to blossom under my care and tutelage.

I want them to love and understand God's real presence in their lives.

I want them to love me and respect me.

I want them to grow more holy by having me as an example.

And I have no doubts that we will all learn Kindergarten together.
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Are we seriously moving?!?!?
Well, there are lots of things I want to talk about..... Teaching, the possibility of moving (shhh! we aren't telling anyone yet!), my girls, depression.... Not necessarily in that order.

So, I tell you what I am going to do: this is going to be about it all! I am going to put up about 3 or posts in the next few hours and I hope you all don't think I am a raving lunatic. I will start first with the move, because this will end up in the middle of my posts and well, I don't want it up on my blog for long, just in case someone like my mom has figured out I have a space of my own on the www.

So, A had an interview. Today. With a company that he already had an interview with. A month ago. The job from a month ago was filled by someone else (A is already making more $$ than that position could afford). The new interview was with someone different in the company - a different RVP. Who oversees hotels in Florida. He was unofficially offered the job. He is probably going to accept it. I am slightly freaking out over this because the timing could not be worse. In case you haven't been following along, I am now the kindergarten teacher at V's school. This totally blows.

We did discuss last night that his chances of getting this job were pretty good (he got a glowing recommendation from the RVP who interviewed him a month ago and the other RVP drove to Atlanta in order to interview A today. The day after he called him. The day after A inquired about the job. Crap. I knew that he probably was going to be offered this job - the day after I started teaching. We talked about what we will do if this job happens. It is good and bad.

We will leave early to go to Florida next week. A is going to go see the hotel (an hour from our families!) next Thursday. He will make a decision then. I think he is going to say yes because I checked out the hotel's website and it looks like it was recently renovated, which means it is a nice one, not really nice but modestly/affordable nice. It is a good starter hotel, since it will be his first time as an official GM and since the company has many other hotels, he would be afforded opportunities for advancement to larger/better hotels. Plus, we would be one hour from our families.

If he accepts the position, then the girls and I will stay here until our lease is up at the end of January. We will do whatever we can to spend as much time together on weekends as possible. I will finish the semester teaching and getting the projects done for the school that I have committed to. I will do my damndest to deplete my Mary Kay inventory so I don't have to move it again - not to mention the money would be nice to have for Christmas and travelling back and forth in the meantime. So, we will live apart for 3 months - this time for different reasons than last summer's house-selling, not to mention I will be spending so much time at the school, it won't feel like I am totally a single parent for the time I am here alone with the girls.

I will keep you posted on what is going on.

Anyway... That is that. Until next time, God Bless You.
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September 02, 2004
Learning the Ropes
I really didn't mean to post this huge picture on here... I finally figured out (thanks, Becca!) how to get my pic posted on the right there. So... I am still interested in learning how to change colors and all that and also would like to at least add a blog roll on here.

Speaking of blog rolls... damn! I have spent an awful lot of time going to new blogs in the last couple days and I am astounded by how many of you have added my blog to your own rolls! Blown away that there are even that many people out there who know of me. :) These women who I have only just "met" have added my name to their own personal space of the web. I am honored.

And wow, did I never expect to get so many compliments from my photo. Ha! Cara can tell you that I don't look like that every day - not nearly so bright eyed... :) Although, she did meet me after a sleepless night in a hotel where my family of 4 were all coughing and sneezing the night away. Oh, and how sweet was it that my two girls and Cara's son all had the same runny noses? LOL Anyway, I really do appreciate the kind words about what a cute, sexy thang I am. HA! Just wait until I post the pics from when Cara and I were together - you will see just how the rest of me looks. I know, self-deprecation isn't good, but man, honesty isn't always bad.

I will end this by saying that I am heavy-hearted tonight as I was directed to check on baby Allie and read that her mom is crumbling, along with Allie's health. I am so grateful for my own healthy girls, even grateful that A has asthma... I can't imagine seeing your own child (or any child, for that matter) devastated by cancer. Scott family, you are in my prayers - along with all other families dealing with cancer and other devastating illnesses.

Until next time, ladies... Appreciate your families and God bless you.
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