August 31, 2004
A Million Things to Keep My Mind Off Things
Well, I have something wonderful to post later, but V's 4th Birthday Photos will have to wait whilst I wax on about my own life...

Am I a total pushover?! What is up with my giving nature? I have somehow fanagled myself into a bizarre position... Let me start from the beginning. V is in pre-K at a little hybrid school. Parents are required to do some volunteering in order to keep tuition low - well, we are REQUIRED to do one hour per week. I have signed up for 2. Why? Because I am a whiz in an office and rather than seeing them flail along, I will happily help them get things in order so future work is cut in half.

On top of that, I have to be on a committee - I chose the one that only has ONE event for the school year - the Silent Auction. Mostly, I will have to be there to set up and help run the day - the items for auction are donated by each family (encouraged to go to local businesses and have THEM donate to the school, rather than it cost money for us families). I made the mistake of offering my novice photography services for school photos (the school is so small that they have not had pictures in past years) - I figured most parents would like school pictures to send out to family, etc. Another parent asked if they could open up the school photos to all homeschooling families in the area. Well, everyone else thought that would be a great idea, so I will be doing that at our Fall Open House. The school's student photos will be done during the week, so I can also attend the Open House as a regular parent. The nice thing about doing the photos is it will help me reach my fundraising requirements for the year - something that is hugely appealing - because I will charge an extra $10/package (on top of what Snapfish will cost for the prints and shipping) and that money will go directly to the school for my fundraising. I am figuring with 64 students at the school, I will get $630 toward my commitment of $1000. Add in other homeschoolers and that brings me at least to like $750, probably more. Plus our items for the silent auction and we should be set! I am really excited about being able to achieve this goal easily.

Another thing: the Kindergarten teacher is moving to another state and today was her last day. I made the mistake of asking who will be teaching K starting Thursday... The vice-principal asked if I am interested (of course not! - I don't even have a college degree anyway). "Well, you don't have to have a teaching certificate to sub." So, I will be doing that starting Thursday. Until they get a new teacher. What the (*&& was I thinking?! Why even ask? Although, there are some pluses to doing this:
* I am often at the school for hours more than my "shift" anyway
* I would actually get PAID to be there
* Getting paid would mean I can help pay for V's tuition
* There are only 3 kids in the kindergarten class
* I would have access to the curriculum in order to give V more challenging things to do at home

I am hoping that they do find a new teacher for this class, but I feel that I am prepared to teach these children for a couple months if that is what God is calling me to do. I figure I can always tell them thanks, but no thanks if I am totally at my wits end. And until they hire a new teacher, I will do a great job and it will feel good to pay for V's tuition all by myself. And if I am smart, I will just apply every bit of my pay toward her tuition for the year and then be done with it. :)

Okay... You wonder why all of this is important to talk about today.... Well, this morning as I was driving to the school, I was thinking about this family whose daughter is in V's class. The mom had a scheduled c-section yesterday and delivered a perfect baby girl, E. This, of course, led me to think about our own baby whose due date was today. Gabriella, our angel in heaven, if God's will had been different, would have been born sometime around today. I felt a stab of sadness as I thought of what might have been - our three girls, bouncing and giggling together... Alas, not in this world, but in the next.

So, it has actually been a relief that I was crazy busy today at school and instead of working 2 hours, I worked 5. And now I have a ton of housework to do, so I am off. To fill the rest of my day with busy work and attempt to make our home sparkling - or at least eliminate the coat of dust from everything. Ha!

Until next time - May You Feel God's Presence and Love in Your Life Today.
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Let's Get This Party Started...
I have no freakin' clue what I am doing.... All I was trying to do was post a comment on Becca's new blog and ended up creating a blog of my own in the "sign in here" place. Damn. If that isn't a way to be coerced into a blog of my very own.

Okay... If you are here, then I am assuming that you already "know" me - probably from iP or blogworld comments sections (okay, you probably don't know me from there since I rarely comment on blogs, oh the shame of being a lurker!). Perhaps you know me from "real life" as opposed to this internet existence that so many of us find solace in - where else can you find a group of women who aren't catty, selfish beings - intent on proving their child is better than yours? Okay, you can find those people on the great big WWW... But, how many in-person groups of many women have you met that can measure up to the honesty and sincerity of these beautiful and caring women in our "little" group that sprung from iP? Anyway, I digress...

I am posting this entry to welcome you to my blog. I have no clue how to change any of the colors or the layout of this damn thing, so bear with me as I take a crash course in HTML or whatever the hell the "Change Page Layout" screen wants me to enter. This is going to be harder than I thought - hehee

I will be figuring this out in the coming days, so please don't complain about my sloppy blog habits.... I will get there. One day, god willing, I may be as good as the rest of you in having snazzy photo headers and all those little tattoo things down the side of the page or maybe even gasp a cool little chat window right on my main page... Nah, probably won't ever be that good!

Until next time, folks.... God Be With You.
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