September 29, 2004
"Now who's the little brat?"
This out of the mouth of a close newer friend, T - to me last night. Why? Because a couple months ago I called her to ask her a question and she casually mentioned her family's plans to take her to a special restaurant that evening (one that only she was interested in). I asked why and she said, "well it's my birthday." No warning or nuthin. I was mad (I would have sang awfully to her and generally tried to do something special for her), but quickly recovered by showing up at her T*pperware party with a HUGE homemade birthday cake, the very next morning. Anyway.... about last night: She said she'd "try to call back tomorrow to finish our conversation" (our kids were ready to go to bed). I casually said "Just call me tomorrow to wish me Happy Birthday".

The real question here is: how do you let your new(er) friends know when your birthday is? Is there a time-frame of friendship to expect it is appropriate to just tell them? And how, exactly, is one supposed to get the message across without sounding like you want something more than just a well wish?

These things have plagued me for months (since T's birthday)....
How do I ask my friends when their birthdays are so I can just send them happy wishes on (or close to) that day?
How do I let my friends know that I could really use a well wish on my own birthday, particularly in the absence of my husband?

Is this tacky to talk about on one's own birthday?

Damn, I am just going to claim alzheimer's, since I am getting so old.
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