September 12, 2004
A New Job!
I can't believe it! We are moving back to Florida! Yee Ha!!!

The offer was less than we wanted/thought reasonable, but he is accepting it nonetheless. It is a reasonable offer, we just had hoped for a tiny bit more. It is still more than what he is making now and since it is a GM position only one hour from our families, there is nothing more that we could ask for. Well, maybe that it wasn't in the town where the last two hurricanes made the X. This leaves us with the reality that he will be gone in 2 weeks. Yep, fourteen days from now I will be a single parent again, albeit temporarily. This part sucks.

There are some really awesome things about this move:

#1 We will be only one hour from our parents and friends in the Tampa Bay area
#2 We will be half hour from The Mouse
#3 We do have some friends in Orlando that we would love to spend more time with and now we can!
#4 I have a dear friend that will be right up the street from wherever we buy a house - she lives in the same small town - we know each other from high school in Ohio
#5 Last, but not least, Adam will have a hotel of his own and be out from under his current company's mismanagement

There are some bad things about this move:

#1 We will be separated for a few months with only a visit or two each month
#2 I will be a "single" parent for these next months - do you remember that I just accepted a teaching position at V's school?
#3 A will miss the girls terribly
#4 The girls will miss their daddy terribly
#5 I will miss my husband terribly
#6 I hope my husband will miss me terribly ;)
#7 It will be at least 3 months until we live as a family again

Do you notice that the bad stuff list is longer than the good stuff list? Don't be fooled. The bad stuff list is all the same thing from a different perspective. I am very excited about this move and actually can't wait for tomorrow when he can turn in his resignation.

So, we are finally going home. Or at least as close as we are going to get. We couldn't be happier. There could not have been a better end to a weekend spent with all of our parents. More on that next time.
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