September 15, 2004
Another Post About Allie
I can't add any words to the beautiful things that have been said regarding Allie and her family on everyone's blogs: The song lyrics on Kelly's, Jennifer's and more... The wonderfully touching tributes on Becca's, Tanya's and more.... The blog stickers that Jen has created...

But, I wanted to document how I am feeling about this
Allie Scott phenomenon. This family has touched me in a way that I never knew possible - they have singly put me in my place in my own family. They have reminded me not to take any moment for granted. They have shown me a way of loving each other that I find utterly compelling to display within my own family (who, by the way, I had no problem with the way we loved each other before). But, I want my children to feel ALWAYS that I love them above everything and I want my husband and me to be the strongest partners and parents we can be. I have even recently thanked God that Ana has asthma... not something much worse.

I am incredibly saddened by the loss of Allison Scott. I feel more pain for her parents and family than I ever thought I could feel for complete strangers. I pray many times each day that they find comfort in each other and in knowing that Allie is whole and perfect and protected fully in the arms of our loving Father. I thank God that this family had Allie in their lives for even the short 9 months she was here on earth (not to mention the perfect 9 months growing within Jenny's own body). Thank God for the example this family has given me and the rest of us to love our families more and grow more patient with our sometimes challenging children - we have the blessing of being able to hold our babies each day and kiss their faces a million times. May it always be so.

God be with the Scott family and may Angel Allie know that there were so many prayers sent up for her good health and now in thanksgiving that she is no longer suffering. What a perfect soul.
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