September 02, 2004
Learning the Ropes
I really didn't mean to post this huge picture on here... I finally figured out (thanks, Becca!) how to get my pic posted on the right there. So... I am still interested in learning how to change colors and all that and also would like to at least add a blog roll on here.

Speaking of blog rolls... damn! I have spent an awful lot of time going to new blogs in the last couple days and I am astounded by how many of you have added my blog to your own rolls! Blown away that there are even that many people out there who know of me. :) These women who I have only just "met" have added my name to their own personal space of the web. I am honored.

And wow, did I never expect to get so many compliments from my photo. Ha! Cara can tell you that I don't look like that every day - not nearly so bright eyed... :) Although, she did meet me after a sleepless night in a hotel where my family of 4 were all coughing and sneezing the night away. Oh, and how sweet was it that my two girls and Cara's son all had the same runny noses? LOL Anyway, I really do appreciate the kind words about what a cute, sexy thang I am. HA! Just wait until I post the pics from when Cara and I were together - you will see just how the rest of me looks. I know, self-deprecation isn't good, but man, honesty isn't always bad.

I will end this by saying that I am heavy-hearted tonight as I was directed to check on baby Allie and read that her mom is crumbling, along with Allie's health. I am so grateful for my own healthy girls, even grateful that A has asthma... I can't imagine seeing your own child (or any child, for that matter) devastated by cancer. Scott family, you are in my prayers - along with all other families dealing with cancer and other devastating illnesses.

Until next time, ladies... Appreciate your families and God bless you.
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