April 01, 2009
While it looks like spring outside, it feels like late winter. Last week, we had beautiful days with sunshine and at the end of the week, the temperatures led to time at the park and lots of time outdoors at home. This week began with the temperatures plummeting and upsetting the level of excitement that had been building for over a week. It is supposed to be warm tomorrow, so we'll want to get packed for our weekend away this evening so we can enjoy the warm weather outside. Of course, it will rain for our entire drive to Ohio on Friday and then it will be typical chilly dreary early April northeast Ohio days for the weekend.
I've been thinking how the weather affects my mood. And how it also mimics my spiritual life. I want to feel sunshiny and warm and filled with the delights of spring and its hopeful radiance. Yet always, something comes along to bring the overcast sky down upon your head. This dreariness can sometimes be reflected in the dryness of my prayer life, or the occasional feel of disconnect from the usual joy of my life.
These dreary days cause me to seek a soft blanket and the coziness of the corner of the sofa, wrapped around a book - or the laptop. It is in this corner that I hide from the world... But if I take the time to notice, I appreciate that a blessing or two is tucked in next to me with her own book absorbing her attention.
God is always there - a bright love and hope right there beside you, a warmth enveloping you if you just take the time to notice.
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