September 03, 2004
Me, a Kindergarten Teacher?
Yep. I am now a Kindergarten teacher. The Kindergarten Teacher. Not Mrs. Unpronouncable Czech Name, Miss Holly - am I the only one who thinks it is cruel to expect 5 year-olds to remember a name so difficult to pronounce?

Yesterday was my first day. It was exhausting! In spite of having only 2 students in my class yesterday, I was wiped out by noon. There is a small hiccup: not only do I have two pre-K students added to my class for math, but I have to develop the lesson plans for the class. Not just for T, Th when I have them in class, but also for M, W, F when their parents teach them at home.

Since I have no experience teaching in a real classroom, this will all be a challenge for me. Let's face it, when I taught 7th grade CCD 5 years ago, the lessons were given to me and it was one night a week. Not an entire week of lessons. I am supposed to come across to the parents as a real teacher. I have no doubts I can be a good actor when I need to be, but this is asking for something far out of my repertoire. I can do it. I will do it.

I want these kids to blossom under my care and tutelage.

I want them to love and understand God's real presence in their lives.

I want them to love me and respect me.

I want them to grow more holy by having me as an example.

And I have no doubts that we will all learn Kindergarten together.
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