September 03, 2004
Are we seriously moving?!?!?
Well, there are lots of things I want to talk about..... Teaching, the possibility of moving (shhh! we aren't telling anyone yet!), my girls, depression.... Not necessarily in that order.

So, I tell you what I am going to do: this is going to be about it all! I am going to put up about 3 or posts in the next few hours and I hope you all don't think I am a raving lunatic. I will start first with the move, because this will end up in the middle of my posts and well, I don't want it up on my blog for long, just in case someone like my mom has figured out I have a space of my own on the www.

So, A had an interview. Today. With a company that he already had an interview with. A month ago. The job from a month ago was filled by someone else (A is already making more $$ than that position could afford). The new interview was with someone different in the company - a different RVP. Who oversees hotels in Florida. He was unofficially offered the job. He is probably going to accept it. I am slightly freaking out over this because the timing could not be worse. In case you haven't been following along, I am now the kindergarten teacher at V's school. This totally blows.

We did discuss last night that his chances of getting this job were pretty good (he got a glowing recommendation from the RVP who interviewed him a month ago and the other RVP drove to Atlanta in order to interview A today. The day after he called him. The day after A inquired about the job. Crap. I knew that he probably was going to be offered this job - the day after I started teaching. We talked about what we will do if this job happens. It is good and bad.

We will leave early to go to Florida next week. A is going to go see the hotel (an hour from our families!) next Thursday. He will make a decision then. I think he is going to say yes because I checked out the hotel's website and it looks like it was recently renovated, which means it is a nice one, not really nice but modestly/affordable nice. It is a good starter hotel, since it will be his first time as an official GM and since the company has many other hotels, he would be afforded opportunities for advancement to larger/better hotels. Plus, we would be one hour from our families.

If he accepts the position, then the girls and I will stay here until our lease is up at the end of January. We will do whatever we can to spend as much time together on weekends as possible. I will finish the semester teaching and getting the projects done for the school that I have committed to. I will do my damndest to deplete my Mary Kay inventory so I don't have to move it again - not to mention the money would be nice to have for Christmas and travelling back and forth in the meantime. So, we will live apart for 3 months - this time for different reasons than last summer's house-selling, not to mention I will be spending so much time at the school, it won't feel like I am totally a single parent for the time I am here alone with the girls.

I will keep you posted on what is going on.

Anyway... That is that. Until next time, God Bless You.
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