September 07, 2004
Oh, the waiting....
Sometimes even when we have the best intentions to submit ourselves to God's will, the waiting is agony...

We are pretty certain that we will be getting news today, but it seems that just that knowledge has put me on edge. We are getting what we think are clear messages through prayer that this job in Florida will be a reality in just a couple short weeks. What if we are wrong??? What if we have allowed ourselves to get our hopes up and are about to be shot down? What if we are interpreting the messages in prayer incorrectly? There has been little interpretation, but what if what we are reading in the Bible has nothing to do with our current situation?

What if? What if...? Getting myself worked up over this is not going to change the outcome. It just isn't. So, pray for grace and patience for me.

And by the way, did you know that we are leaving tomorrow to go to Florida for a few days? We have tickets to see Sting/Annie Lennox Thursday night in Tampa. Well, that has been postponed til who knows when. This is actually okay. I am disappointed that I will probably now miss the show, but we will give my ticket to a friend of ours who always gives us Orlando theme park tickets for free.

So, we are going down and maybe going to help our families get the trees out of their yards, then we are all going to Disney on Friday. That's right. All of us. This means me, A, V, A and all 4 grandparents. It is amazing that they agreed to go together - it seems the grandparents don't like to "infringe" on the others' time with us. I guess since this time that is the only time any of them will get to spend with us, they've decided to share the grandchildren for the day. Anyway, we hope it works out that A can go check out the hotel there that may be "his" in a few short weeks.

All very exciting stuff. I am off to do laundry so we actually have clothes to wear to Disney. That's a good idea - that we all have clean clothes to wear on our trip. ;)

Until next time, hug your families and remind them how much you love them.
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