September 19, 2008
I have no real excuse....
Well, not really. It isn't like I haven't been online at all, just not here. I've been sucked into the FB realm. It's pretty cool to see what people are up to and I've been contacted by a few people who I haven't talked to in many years. Neat-o. I am such a nerd.
Also, last week, we went to Atlanta and spent snippets of time with our lovely friends in Georgia. Friends asked us to be godparents to their newest daughter - it was the perfect excuse to head down there to see everyone. It was awesome to hold babies for 4 days. Of course, it makes us all want a baby that much more - even Husband was proclaiming before he got there that we should ask God for a miracle... But that's another story (that with my track record, will never get told and you will forever wonder what I was talking about in late September.... ha!).
While in the big southern city, we succumbed to the excess that is American Girl. Becca and I took our girls there for Bookworm's birthday lunch. She had saved her money and had Josefina's hair done and she bought another doll - so at 8, the kid has 4 of them. They are the one real indulgence she has and we (the parents) don't buy them.
We returned late Sunday after a day of driving. Ohmygoodness, what were we thinking? It was a whirlwind trip and I've been recovering all week. Not that I've had time to recover, what with physical therapy (only a few more weeks of going all the time!), soccer, homeschooling, new art classes, two different choirs and various other commitments at church, etc.
And now we're heading into an insane weekend with three soccer games, two team pictures, a party, a luncheon that we're hosting and oh, we're preparing for a dinner party next Saturday for about 25 people. I want to talk more about that and get some opinions on the menu I've chosen while I still have time to make changes.
Until then, God Bless!
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