May 15, 2007
Twilight Zone
Okay, so it isn't really a Twilight Zone, though it really does feel like it... Some of you who have been reading a really long time might remember that my brother and I had a falling out of sorts a couple years ago. [I can't reference it here, since I've since taken down the password protected blog which mentioned it.]
Well, it took us many months (6?) before we were regularly talking to one another again (not my choice). And since then, I've really felt like I was holding back. I just didn't trust him after the things that had been said. All that is officially over now. I am delighted to say that we are finally on the same page and understand one another.
He and his family came to visit us here (after we'd been in Baltimore a mere 2 weeks) in February. Apparently, that visit opened his (and his wife's) eyes to who I am. I guess in their growing up, they failed to realize that I might also grow up. Funny, huh? Anyway, something happened a week ago, right before I was set to come visit them in Ohio.
I won't go into details here, because they really don't matter all that much. Suffice it to say that my brother stood up for me. Against someone who has pitted him against me for years. Someone who is important to him (and really is important to me, too, I just can't express that to her since she'll up and kick me in the teeth again). Someone who is local to him and with whom he has a regular vis-a-vis relationship. Anyway, we did not get the result we wanted (a visit between me and our younger brother), but the fact that he stood up for what was right (and essentially took my side in the process) was huge. HUGE. I am no longer alone. And bonus, I finally was given the opportunity to show how grown up I am.
I am currently coming down from a 10 day family high, so bear with me and I hope to recap the events of the last couple weeks for you.
But right now, I have to sit down and pay the bills. Ugh. I have to say, Thank God for BankofAmerica online bill pay. I'm saving over $2 just in postage these days.
Until next time (soon, I promise!), God Bless you.
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