July 28, 2005
So Long, Farewell...
For now. We are losing our internet connection in the morning, so I wanted to tell you all that things with moving are well, they are moving along. Can you tell I crack myself up?
I'll meet with the realtor tomorrow at noon to get the keys and sign the lease and hand him almost a whole paycheck worth of money. We'll start moving things in our cars tomorrow and then Saturday we have some teenage boys coming to help move (and one adult) most of our stuff. We are leaving the heavy and bulky and fragile furniture items for the movers to bring Sunday. We can't afford to pay movers for the whole move, so we've rented a truck for Saturday. It must be a big weekend for moving around here, every single rental place was out of trucks - except one.
Like I said, Sunday, the movers will come to get the rest of our things and then we'll be busy trying to unpack and arrange and settle ourselves into the new place. I am very excited. Though, I'm already tired from the THOUGHT of unpacking all of our stuff.
Oh, and I broke my toe on Monday. How? Because I am an absolute clutz and literally tripped over my child and fell into a doorway, stubbing two toes and crushing the toe between those against the corner. What fun! But you know what? It could have been worse. And I am glad that it is not preventing me from walking at all, because even though the stairs are difficult, I can be of great help loading the stuff from the garage and telling people where to put what. :)
Anyway, I wanted to tell you all to have a blessed weekend. And I hope we'll be back online sometime next week.
Until then, may you be surrounded by love and peace.
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July 26, 2005
Google Worries
Well, I am realizing that someone is snooping on my blog. Someone who wasn't invited and though I know this is a "public" forum, you MUST realize that since I personally know you and didn't tell you about this place that it was not someplace you are welcome to lurk. And just because I share my thoughts with a group of women I know well (and at least one or two men who I know personally, including my husband, who CARE about me and I invited them into this personal account of my life), doesn't mean it is any of YOUR business what I say privately to my friends and other family.
And by the way, using my personal journal as a weapon against me is seriously twisted and something you should talk to a therapist about. That you will twist facts around to suit YOUR situation and flat out lie to me about details to try to push your own fault onto someone else is a sign of your very clear guilt in the entire situation. And if you are reading this, know that I will easily find out. Because I can and I know how. And one other thing: this is MY place and get the heck out of here.
And to you, little sicko perverts who search for things like this should find something much more interesting someplace else. Neither are YOU welcome here.
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July 22, 2005
Some Photos
Here are just a few photos of the house - I can't get in until we get the keys, but I went by today to get some measurements and thought I'd snap a couple pics to show you where we'll be moving to in a short week.
And well, I just had so much fun walking the girls around the house and into our new backyard - it will be so great when they have a place to play outside!!!! Now, if only the heat would let up... we have a feels like temp today of 109!
Back to packing!
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July 21, 2005
Pictures Coming *Edited*
We got it!!!!!

We were approved and will have possession of the house August 1. !!!! I think I'd like to take a couple days to move (this way I can move as much stuff as I can before paying movers to move the heavy stuff).

I'll be MIA as I am packing and preparing for my THIRD move in 2 years.

But, good news is this: we will be able to "settle" into this house for a couple years and the plan is to buy something after that (back in our home county) when A is able to get a job over there.

Thanks for all your prayers - the realtor said our credit (what they look at, anyway) wasn't bad at all and there was no hesitation at all!!! Good news - this means when it is time for us to BUY in a couple years, we should have a much easier time of it than we were anticipating.

Yee HAW!!! When is the next BLOG PARTY? I can host a night or two at my house and then we can head to Disney!!!!
***Edited to Add:
I am NOT going to start a blog party war. :) Let me lay it out there: I live in the vacation/hurricane capital of the WORLD! So, I am thinking something in the winter NOT during hurricane season so all you's guys (when I was thinking this expression, I was halted by the memory that Bob (my stepdad) used to always say that and it drove me bananas) who're in snowy places can come and get some sunshine. Isn't there a President's Day holiday or something that makes a long weekend in Feb? Also, I can get discount tickets to Disney World and if we all wanted to head up to Orlando for a night or something, we can split the cost of hotel rooms (that A can get us at employee rates).
So, that is my tentative plan: February - the weekend of President's Day - in the Sunshine State - with a visit to see Mickey Mouse. And one other thing, families are invited and maybe we can get a block of rooms for the dads and kids at A's hotel for one night while we girls party it up at my place!***
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July 19, 2005
We've Lost Our Minds
Seriously. We decided yesterday to think of looking at renting a home instead of an apartment (which we are currently in).
We looked at a house tonight and I am turning in the paperwork tomorrow morning.
We will move by August 1 if our paperwork is approved. (I have a dirty secret: when I quit working to be a SAHM, A wasn't making enough $$ and we went far into debt and have had a hard time scraping ourselves out - but we are and we are afloat, but still paying for our (mostly MY) previously disastrous decisions.)
So, please pray that they will see we are responsible adults that made some bad decisions a few years back and they look happily at our current (past 2 years) record and let us move into this brand new BEE-AUTIFUL house!
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July 18, 2005
New Endeavor
Many of you know that I home educated V for the last half of Kindergarten this past school year. This is because we moved from GA to FL and we'd already paid her tuition for her school in GA (no refunds).
Well, I've started a new log to document our experiences. It isn't very interesting, but if you want to hear about homeschooling from a personal perspective, I'll be updating it regularly (hopefully). Also, if you have suggestions or know someone who might have some, please refer them over. I have a feeling I am going to need all the help I can get.
And JenJen, if you want a little fun thing to do, I am looking for a banner to put at the top - I'm going for a blackboard look..... :) Just thinking aloud here.
Anyway.... This is taking up a lot of my time in the coming weeks (I have to get our curricula sorted out and stuff to be ready to start first grade next month), so I might not be around as much.
I hope you all are enjoying your summer and spending it having lots of fun with your families.
God Bless!
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July 13, 2005
Power *90 Sucks
I can't keep quiet about this any longer. I really didn't want to jinx myself or look bad when I failed and didn't keep it up. But I am NOT going to fail. I am going to succeed. Once and for all. For the rest of my life.
I haven't been really open about this, but I've started working out. Seriously. No, really, I am not kidding. I've done about every other day for 3 weeks - maybe skipped a couple days when Becca was here. Granted, my neighbors have complained about all the swearing coming from our apartment each evening, but I am noticing a difference in some of my clothes, but I am not able to tell when I am naked. Which is disgusting, since I hate to see myself naked.

But the good news is this: tonight, as soon as A came home from work, I was raring to go - I find it so hard to fall asleep at night, since we are working out after we put the kids to bed. So, I thought, since we had a late lunch we could put off dinner for a bit and work out first. Yippee! I think A was about to fall over that I had the dvd in and ready to go - I've been dragging my feet each workout night, but he persists and I get off my fat a$$ and do it. But tonight? Nope, it was ALL me. And I kicked and punched and power yoga-d and oh, let's not forget the freakin killer ab workout and I sweated and I hated almost every minute of the dang 40 minutes.
But something happened in the middle: I felt the pull of abdominal muscles. Really. There are really muscles in my abdomen. And I felt them. Not from the outside (cuz they are well hidden), but from the inside, I could feel them tensing as I was doing some of the kicks. And I thought - hey! I don't know that I can even REMEMBER the last time I felt the tug of muscles in that region.
And wow. I think it is true what they say: It takes at least 3 weeks to get into it. Because in the shower afterwards (while dinner was cooking), I said to A that I could become addicted to this working out stuff. Because it is pretty exciting to feel myself getting stronger and to feel more energetic and to actually feel like I am getting somewhere. I have figured out the secret: There is no secret!!! Diet and exercise. Wow, I've been trying the diet thing for years with little to no success - but throw in the exercise and I am already feeling my pants looser and I can't wait to have AFTER photos.

I'm on my way, folks. I don't know what a realistic goal is for my birthday, but I'm already getting there - because even though I don't imagine I'll see that great of an improvement by the end of September, I KNOW I'll be feeling so much better. And what a way to start my 30s!!!

And that, my friends, is really the point. But it will rock to have a new sexy body to go along with all the energy and strength. :)
So, stay tuned, I am on a mission. And well, there is nothing that is going to stop me - I have to get healthier for my kids, my husband, my family and most importantly - for myself. Because I deserve to feel as good about how I look and physically feel as I do about what kind of person I am.
And well, I'm the only one who can change that.
(Life update below)
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Coming Out of Hiding
Okay, I wasn't really hiding. But, I kinda was. Between Becca coming for a fabulous visit and my nearly having a nervous breakdown.... well, I haven't been around much on the computer.

But there are some good things happening around here. I'll start by just giving some highlights of the visit with Becca and Rach:

~All three girls giggling most of the day
~Rach running to A when he would get home from work and hugging his legs, then later going to him and laying her head on his chest (he was laying on the couch)
~Rach smacking me around and laughing her darling head off
~Spending some much needed time just chillin' out with my girl, Becca
~Closing a pottery shop after consuming nearly a bottle of wine, oh, and we painted too :)
~Going to a meat market-type bar in our pjs - with complete strangers (who strangely came to the pajama party at the pottery place dressed to the nines and SHE was freakin drop-dead gorgeous)
~Sharing one of my favorite hobbies with Becca - and staying up way too late every. single. night.
~Power 90 - seriously, ceiling slapping has never been so fun!

While I am definitely going to miss Becca and Rach, it is much harder since V cried for over 30 minutes after we dropped them at the airport. And today? My girls were already asking when we'll see them again.

Becca, thank you so much for coming and spending a week with my family. I am sorry we didn't have better weather and we didn't get to the beach or the pool or really do anything that fun or exciting (well, Steve makes for a good story, no?). But, you and Rach (and Matt too) are welcome to come back anytime. Seriously.

As for the other stuff going on.... I had a really good appointment with my therapist last week and while it was one of those hours that you leave feeling worse than when you went in, it really put my thoughts into perspective. The downside to that is I was emotional for days afterward and I've finally started grieving the loss of my beloved stepfather. I know it sounds totally ridiculous since the accident was over three months ago, but I just haven't had the opportunity to let my guard down enough to cry. And well, poor Becca had to deal with my mopey a$$ for a couple days.
Good news, working out has helped improve my mood and after a couple days of feeling sorry for myself, I am doing much better and back to our regularly scheduled programming....
Many Blessings.
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July 08, 2005
I'm Here....
Just too busy to post!
Becca and Rach are here!!! So so happy to have them here. But what a welcome we've given them:
On the way to the airport to retrieve them, I checked the outside temperature: 99 degrees Farenheit
Just after picking them up, I dumped them at my IL's (empty) house along with my girls and said "Seeya in an hour and a half!" and went to therapy.
After an hour drive to my place, which got us home at nearly 7 pm, I did manage to serve a decent home-cooked meal.
That night, we stayed up way late giggling too much and chatting with Cara online.
Yesterday, we were wiped out and both had a nap in the afternoon with all the girls. And well, afterwards, I was too dang tired to cook, so we went out and stuffed ourselves at a country buffet.
And then we came home and did the Power 90 workout dvd. You should have heard A and Becca bashing each other. It was hysterical.
Today, we took the kids to a play place where they ran around and generally had a good time. This afternoon, the rain has started and now we wonder if it will stop.
Tonight, we are not wasting a moment and are going to a Moms Night Out with some of the moms from my playgroup. It should be a good time and yet another opportunity for us to laugh and make memories.
Then tomorrow morning, reality sets in and we head toward our hometown to make sure A's grandparents and my mom are all safe and tucked into their homes.
Then, we wait to see where Dennis is headed. While we pray he doesn't pull a Charlie.
So, Becca, I love you, but I just don't know how to be a good hostess. I hope you'll believe me and come back another time - maybe when it is NOT hurricane season.
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