January 13, 2008
By the Grace of God
These past weeks, I've had a difficult time getting back on track. I'm wiped out, frankly. I had some discouraging news from the doctor (hopefully, her hunch is wrong - but we won't know for sure for at least another month). I'm slow to recover from being sick. And my general feeling of blah has continued to prevail.
We've been having a rough time getting back on schedule with school. We are probably about 2 weeks behind where I'd planned to be by this time of the year (partially due to the fact that I was just so sick in Florida that we didn't get done the things I'd brought with us for the month). It's discouraging not to be where I'd planned, but we're hoping that in the next few weeks we can finish up 2nd quarter and be on track to finish by the end of May/first week of June. We'll get there, but for right now, it's just one more frustration.
But today I was humbled. Brought to my knees. I got an email from a friend. She and I haven't been in touch as much as I'd like - mostly due to her high-powered career and general bad timing (everyone is so busy these days, including me). I have actually talked a lot more to her husband (also my friend) lately. When I was in Florida, she was in PA, visiting family, so we haven't seen each other in many months.... You know, general busyness. Anyway, her email took my breath away.
Last week, there was a huge accident on the interstate. About 70 vehicles were involved. And our friend, the husband, was in the middle of it. It took rescue workers many hours to free him from his vehicle and by all accounts, it is a miracle that he not only survived, but stayed conscious through the ordeal. (If you look at that webpage, you can see a picture of our friend at the bottom of the page - he's the guy on the stretcher being taken into the hospital from the roof helicopter pad.) He had emergency surgery and came through it well, in spite of being in extreme critical condition at the scene. It is most miraculous that he is home today, recovering in his own bed after only 3 nights in the hospital. We are grateful for God's love and mercy.
If you are so inclined, please pray for all those involved in this accident, particularly those who mourn the loss of a loved one.
We definitely feel grateful tonight that God spared our friend. We imagine that what he went through was like hell. And we pray for his quick and complete recovery - next time, we're just coming over anyway, no matter how busy you are.
Until next time, squeeze your loved ones a little tighter, linger longer over a goodnight kiss... God Bless you.
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