September 27, 2004
A Mishmash of Sorts
There is so much that I haven't written about in the last week... I guess I will just write and maybe will have to split this all into a couple different posts. Forgive me if this is too much info at once.


Well, last week I learned that we have to wait 90 days for benefits with A's new company. What's the big deal? you ask? Well, this was one of the points that I insisted A negotiate and he didn't. On top of that, the main reason I am upset about this is because little A has asthma, among other issues. This means that if there should be an occasion in the next few months that she would need to see the dr. or god forbid be hospitalized, we would have to pay out of pocket. Not to mention, her medicine that she is supposed to take every day costs $150/30 doses without insurance. Well, this is all unacceptable. It is too big a risk. So, I have been stewing over this a bit. We have since decided (with some pretty fierce nudging from A's parents) that even though it will be significant cost, we will pay for COBRA in order to keep little A covered.

Not to mention I have been getting migraines for weeks. And well, that just sucks. I did figure out a bit over a week ago that perhaps the headaches were due to a wisdom tooth. There it was on the top, poking out toward my cheek (not even close to breaking through the gums, but still forming quite a lump there). I decided I needed to get my butt in gear and have it checked out while I still had insurance (merely 4 more days, as far as we know). Well, I was able to get in same day with a dentist (my dentist is in FL, I know, I know I should have found one here a year ago when we moved, but it was just easier to schedule my cleanings while I was visiting family in FL). Well, actually that dentist was out til Thursday, so the office staff had me come in and they did my x-rays, then referred me to an oral surgeon. I was able to get a same day appointment for a consultation. He said, looks like this could be causing some problems. Well, no crap, why else would I be there? Anyway, they were awesome and had me go to yet another office the next morning for the actual "surgery" (he was going to be in a different office the next day and I wanted to ensure that I could get it done and still have a couple days of insurance in case something went wrong). Anyway.... I am recovered mostly and I have to tell you that I have an awesome friend, L, who totally rocks. She met us at the office (A dropped me and the girls off before going to work) and afterwards took us to her house where she took care of the three of us til A retrieved us after work. I can't ask for better, kinder people in my life. What a blessing to have friends like that.


So.... on to the rest of the week. We tried to spend more time together as a family than we usually do, considering it will be a while til we really have that opportunity. We spent one evening on blankets and pillows on the living room floor watching The Sound of Mus*c, well, the first part up to the puppet show. The girls thought it was the coolest thing and it made A and me remember the times we would rent movies and camp out on our living room floor in our first apartment - the days we would spend hours making out. Ah.. the memories... We also went to the park and just spent some good time together this past week and half. It was a nice way to prepare for sending him off to Florida.


Ah! there is something really cool!!!! Okay, well, I think it is. Due to needs changing at school, I have been offered a different position (no longer teaching Kindergarten) - working in the office. This is a total load off my shoulders. I was really enjoying teaching, but it wiped me out and I had homework nearly every day, in spite of the fact I only had the kids in class 2x a week. Since I was new to teaching, it was challenging and a LOT of work. This new job of working in the office, while it isn't a cakewalk, it is much more suited to my current abilities and I am finding myself much more at ease (in my former life, I was Super-Admin-Asst. - so much so that one of my former bosses wanted to hire me to be her assistant working out of my home and she is in Kentucky!) Anyway.... So, this is a good thing. The kindergarten students (now only 2 of them since one is moving to a different school location) are now in with the preK class, which is actually better suited to their current abilities and that teacher (V's teacher) is awesome and doing mostly Kindergarten work with the students anyway.


We had a wonderful weekend. Ran a TON of errands on Saturday, then we all collapsed for naptime. We had dinner out with the girls on Saturday, after strolling through the little shopping area in Vinings. Then we took the girls to pick up their pottery they painted last weekend and went to the park to walk and run and play, enjoying the beautiful fall evening. Yesterday, A and I had a date at our favorite restaurant for lunch, to celebrate my birthday early (plus, I just happened to have a birthday postcard from the restaurant for a free entree - gotta love a great deal on delicious food).

Who knew there would be blessings mixed in with the devastation a hurricane can bring? We were bought an extra 2 days together, thanks to Jeanne. I know A is anxious to get there and get started, particularly since there was some new damage from yesterday's hurricane, but I refuse to let him drive to FL in current weather conditions. It looks like he will go to bed early and get on the road around 3:30-4:00 am Tuesday. He is really excited and, truth be told, I am too. I am not looking forward to the separation, but I know what light is at the end of this tunnel.

I am off for now, gotta make french toast for breakfast and enjoy this last day together as a family!


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Until next time, God Bless You!
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