October 27, 2004
A plethora of things...
First things first..... Man, I love baseball. Not necessarily the Red S0x, but definitely the game. I always root for the underdog, but I have a special attachment to the S0x, since they are the hometown team of one of my best friends. I never root for them if they are playing my Cleveland Ind*ans, but I have been staying up late nights watching them plough through this post-season. I actually have had to start taking my meds again to ease my anxiety enough that I am able to fall asleep after these feats of accomplishment.

I hope they win tonight. What a testament to a team that has worked their butts off to overcome a "curse" that has hung over the team's name for nearly an entire century.

On to other things: Life is about to start in on overdrive. If you don't know what I am talking about, check out
Cara's entry about her next couple weeks. I am submitting today our app and downpayment stuff for an apartment in Florida. I am waiting to hear from A what procedures I need to follow on the move in order to get it paid for by his company (what companies I am supposed to call for quotes, etc.). We are trying to work out the timing so it is not a hugely stressful situation where I have to go back and forth between Atlanta and central FL. The latest is that I need to get a storage unit since the apts don't really have a garage available for us, even though I was told about 5 times they would have one. ARGH!

So, I will try to keep up with everyone, but between voting (hopefully I can get to an early voting polling location today!) and a visit this weekend from A and his parents, along with work and school (did I mention that I have to come up with a saint costume for V to wear tomorrow in a parade at school?)... I am headed into a busy time myself.

I will keep you all abreast of the goings on in my neck of the woods. I pray you all have a peace-filled day and a wonderful end to your week.

Until next time, God Bless you.
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October 23, 2004
Blog Party!

Wow! What a time we all had! This was the most fun I have had in ages.

Cara arrived shortly before 6 with 3 children in tow.

The kids immediately were off with my 2 into the playroom (no transition period at all!). V and Liah were two peas in a pod the entire time. The kids were so desperate to go to bed, they all tried to skip dinner just to get into pj's and sleeping bags. What fun they had with each other!

Dylan and little A were the "step-children" of the group because the older two really just wanted to play only with each other. Poor little ones, they had to fight to get the fun chairs!

Baby Jay was the star of the night, laughing and basically being as sweet as could be.

Becca called from her cell phone about 4 times. :-) Apparently, she is unsure of directions, which surprised me - I don't know why, I just figured she could find her way around the perimeter, so I didn't give her detailed enough directions. She was here by about 6:20 though, with darling Rachael. As much as Rachie was overwhelmed at dinner Thursday night, she made up for it in spades last night. She was charming and flirtatious and so happy to just be able to toddle around everywhere.

Rachael and Jay were mesmerized by each other.

We thought a few times they might give each other kisses, however, Rachie is just a big tease!

Sandi arrived last after being stuck in traffic for over an hour (took her over 3 hours to get here!). We had already been snacking on some delicious stuff that I had "thrown" together: Pita points and sliced baguette, carrots and celery with Dip for the Stars with feta, cream cheese, pesto, sun-dried tomatoes, etc. and hummus. I had made a greek salad, but strangely, we never got to that. Becca brought ingredients and made sausage balls too!

Once Sandi was here, I cracked open a bottle of wine, which I amazingly finished off (by myself!) over the course of the night. The others drank wine coolers, white zinfandel and White Russians, all from cute little bottles from the liquor store (thanks, Cara, for supplying those drinks!).

We all seemed to be pretty comfortable with each other right off the bat (I had previously met Becca - just the night before - and Cara - over 6 weeks ago; Cara and Sandi know each other from "real life"). It was like a group of old girlfriends getting together, even though we had never been together in person before. Very cool to feel instantly at ease and connected with everyone.

We put the kids to bed (though they stayed awake WAY past bedtime chatting and giggling in their own slumber party) and settled into my living room to talk and share funny and some not-so-funny stories with one another. I really felt like we had known each other for years and this was kind of an opportunity to learn some things about each other that truly old friends know about each other.

It was interesting to have "holes" filled in about what we know about one another - stories that don't get into blogs because they are not current events, etc. And, boy, was it fun to be just hanging out with some great women. Jay thought so too.

We learned about Sandi's family and I was especially flattered that she brought photos from her family's past to share with us. We cracked up laughing at this one:

Do you see the bass decorating the Christmas tree in the background? Wahahaa!!!

I brought out my scrapbooks and everyone oohed and ahhed over what great hair I had in high school. ;) I told one of my wild and crazy back-in-the-day stories. We learned some sad things about Cara's past and talked about some girls we once knew long ago... We learned of how Becca and her husband met and began dating, in spite of the fact she thought he was weird...

I have a feeling that what started last night will continue as we all grow to be closer friends. I am amazed and humbled that God has placed these women in my life. What a strange thing the internet is.... To be able to bring people together that how else could you possibly meet and become friends with?

I thank you, ladies, for a wonderful time. I am so blessed to have met you all and look forward to our next get-together. I am off to bed for a nap now (staying up til 2 am is just too tiring! In this case, I am not sorry one bit, I enjoyed every minute!)

Until next time, God Bless and Take Care. I love you!
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October 22, 2004
Dinner with a Friend
The girls and I had dinner tonight with Becca and her daughter. It was so nice! We met at a restaurant in a mall in uptown. Very delicious salad and Becca's soup looked tasty, too. We sat out on a rooftop patio with a fantastic view of the parking lot. LOL It was a really beautiful evening, but once the sun went down, it got a little chilly.

Anyway, I felt that we were just old friends having dinner. Nothing was uncomfortable or weird. Maybe that is weird in itself? Anyway, Becca is a real sweetheart and even though Rach was a little antsy at times (my girls were getting right in her face "hi, baby"), she sure is a little doll. I can't say how sorry I am that Becca and I have waited to meet until now, since I am moving in just 2 short months. I know, though, that our friendship is just beginning.

After eating, the girls tried entertaining Rach, but the real fun was once she was down on the ground with them.

She is obviously tickled with her new skill of being upright - standing up and taking a step or two.

At one point, V lifted her right up and swung her around toward Becca. Lord, I nearly had a heart attack!

We had a delightful time and I can't wait to see them again tomorrow night.

Until next time, say a prayer for someone you've recently met. God Bless you.
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October 21, 2004
Desperate Housewife?
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Go Red Sox!!!!
I really wish I had stayed up last night to see the Red S0x finish off the Y*nkees.... Alas, I had gone to bed because I was so daggone tired from watching them the night before. But, man!! Yee ha!!!! I am so excited for Boston fans and especially for this team who has rallied and performed like champs this week after being beaten down in the first 3 games of the series. I am not typically a Red S0x fan (Cleveland Indi*ns is my team), but I have never rooted for the Y*nkees. And well, I have a good friend who shares my love for baseball (maybe I share his love for baseball, since he knows way more than I do) and his team is Boston. After nearly 10 years of friendship, I have to admit that I on occasion root for the S0x (as long as they aren't playing my Tribe). Anyway.... I have digressed. Go Red S0x!!!!

(Doin' a dance!) I have other reasons to have a really great day today.....

The girls and I are going to meet
Becca and her daughter for dinner tonight! And then tomorrow, Sandi, Becca and Cara are all coming to my house for a blog party and sleepover!

What a week! I have tons of work today and tomorrow for school, so I will catch you all on the flip side of the weekend.

Until next time, God Bless You and don't forget to hug your favorite baseball player.
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October 19, 2004
An Interesting Read, I Am Sure
At the end of my link list, you will see a new addition: Bevin. There is an interesting story of how she and I became friends, I will just give you the Reader's D*gest version:

Bevin is my dh's high school sweetheart - okay, well, into college. They were involved for years, despite long distances since she went away to college. He held on too long. Couldn't let first love go. In the beginning of my relationship with A, issues came up because of his holding on to Bevin. I was a mean bitch and attacked her via email because I believed the stupid lies A told me re: their relationship since he and I were together. I have since apologized for my bad start and he has since grown up. A lot (this happened many years ago). In the following months, Bevin and I grew to like each other, developing this email friendship that I think allowed both of us time to get to know each other. This has been important because she was a part of the circle of friends that A had in high school and we all pretty much really like each other, to this day. During holidays, when everyone is visiting their parents in FL, we try to get together.

Bevin is an incredibly interesting woman. She is a lobbyist in Washington. She is single with a beautiful boyfriend from Brazil. She takes Portuguese classes so she can communicate with his family (his mother doesn't speak any English). She brought him to our house when V was 5 days old. (Can you imagine how much he loves her that they were dating only months and she brought him to her hs boyfriend's house to meet his new baby!) They may get married one day. She's been to Brazil 3 or 4 maybe more times. She may move to Brazil with him. She has an interesting career, following in her father's footsteps, so to speak. She meets interesting people all the time and people think she is interesting. She has a heart of gold and is likely to make a great impact on anyone she meets.

Now she is posting a
blog for the next three weeks. Chronicling her days at the end of a high profile election, working hard for her cause. I will be reading along despite her support of Dem0crat*c Party candidates. I miss my friend (we haven't seen each other in several years since her mom visited her in DC so much she hasn't been to FL herself). I look forward to seeing her at Christmas.

And did I mention she is beautiful to boot?
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October 18, 2004
An Unexpected "Vacation"
Well, one evening last week, A told me that he was considering coming home for the weekend. I was, of course, excited as well as filled with trepidation. In case you didn't read my post from last week, we have different ideas on when a move might happen and that caused some unrest during our visit last weekend. Back to the current story... His plan was to drive up Friday night (arriving here about midnight) and then drive back this morning (arriving there about noon). Having just done this myself last weekend, I didn't think he would really enjoy this week after that much driving packed into a couple days.

A had a meeting in Hilt*n Head Thursday morning last week and was heading back to central FL that evening. He was to change planes in Atlanta before flying to Orlando. I asked him that morning, "Why get onto the flight from ATL to Orlando? Why not just take Friday off from work and then we'll get you a flight back after the weekend." He thought this was a silly idea until I reminded him that it is an 8 hour drive that he wouldn't have to make twice in a weekend. I was able to get a flight back this morning on A*rTran for $64 including taxes! So, we spent a glorious 3 days together as a family - a true 3-day weekend, which was turned into a mini-vacation right here at home.

Thursday evening, we picked A up from the airport and headed out to get some supper. I think he felt guilty about how he acted last weekend because he suggested my favorite places for dinner. We ended up at Ol*ve Garden and had plenty of leftovers to bring home. Afterwards, we came home and he gave the girls a bath (the one parenting responsibility that has been mostly his since the beginning of our parenting days) before bed. It was nice putting them to bed together again before settling in to watch our favorites: The Apprent*ce and ER. Something about sitting wrapped up together for some chill time started off the weekend great. Ah, the simple things...


We slept in until past 9 AM!! I think it was the first time in ages we have both slept in. The girls were up early and I just said "turn on a movie" and we didn't hear a peep from them until after we were up for the day. Does this make us bad parents?? We went to a Family Fun Health Fair at the Y (my girlfriend, L, had a
booth there) and then out to lunch with her and her son, N (she treated since we were babysitting her son the next day!). We came home and I think we all had naps... We had a quiet evening - oh, I made real hot chocolate for dessert after a dinner of leftovers for me and the girls and Thai noodles I whipped up for Adam (he ate all his dinner from the night before).


When days start like this, how can they be a bad day?

After breakfast, we headed north to pick up L's son before heading to a craft fair for a bit before going off to meet another friend and her son at his pre-school's FallFest. It was a beautiful fall day, perfect for being outside.
The kids jumped in a moonjump, had their faces painted, rode ponies...

There were craft activities, pumpkin decorating, a cake walk, hot dogs and cotton candy...

A fun time was had by all and the best thing about it? It was all FREE! It was such a small festival that we had no problems keeping track of 3 pre-schoolers that all wanted to do different things at the same time. Afterwards, we went back to L's house for naptime. A stayed with the kids while I went back out to the craft fairs in town.

I had a really nice time just walking around by myself and browsing and actually did some major shopping - I have almost all my Christmas gift-buying done! I went to man L's booth for an hour so she could check out the other craft fairs up the street and do some shopping herself. It was nice at that point just to sit and relax since most of the craft fair shoppers were done that late in the day. L watched the girls that evening while A and I had a nice dinner out alone before coming home where I went to bed at 9 PM. :)


After church, we rushed home for lunch and to change before going to V's school for Open House. That was an ordeal, with things getting started late and then all the kids getting restless. A helped V practice her song all weekend and he told her to sing as loud as she could. And well, she did. It was hysterical seeing those little kids up there singing so loud (the others took their cue from V). I was proud of them all that they did it right in front of all those people. We scooted out of there early because the girls were just too antsy and couldn't sit still after 2 hours! We came home for naptime and then were off to see A Shark T*le. It was little A's first time at the movie theater (not counting when I took her as a sleeping baby) and she thought it was so cool. It was a cute movie and we all had a nice time sharing popcorn, even though we were all the way up at the very top row on the end (V picked the seats). It was a wonderful end to a packed full weekend spent with daddy.

A and I reconnected as a couple and as parents this weekend. It was nice for him to be able to redeem himself after last weekend. We haven't resolved the issue on when to move yet, but at least we are twitter-pated again. We dropped him at the airport bright and early this morning (before it was even bright outside, actually!) and he is back to FL today, but then turns around and heads to the Windy City tomorrow for the rest of this week. It will be a short 12 days until he is home again for a weekend.

This have been a long-winded entry, so I am going to sign off for now and promise another update tomorrow about what is going on for this week that I am so excited about as well as some things that need prayer attention from all my friends and anyone willing to send up some prayers on my behalf.

Until next time, God hold you and your family in His loving arms.
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October 14, 2004
Update and Politics
Hello all! I wanted to give a brief update on my weekend visit to Florida and catch up on what's going on this week.

The Finer Points

We left Thursday right after school and arrived at our destination in central FL at bedtime. It was so wonderful to see A again and see the girls' faces light up at the sight of their daddy. He gave them a bath and we all got ready for bed.

The visit did improve as we went to visit other family and had such a nice time, as always. We spent the day Friday with A's grandparents (he was actually working, so it was just me and the girls) during their vacation in Orlando. We had a wonderful time taking the girls to the pool and Veronica made her Great Poppop take her to the playground for a bit to push her on the swings. They love it! We drove back to Adam's hotel and picked him up and headed to his parents' for the weekend. We had the awesome opportunity to go out to dinner alone, so we jumped at it and went to our favorite Thai restaraunt - YUM! We were unable to leave the restaurant afterwards because the main road was blocked due to who knew what, but then we found out that the motorcade was carrying our Vice President, Dick Cheney, to a rally. It was disturbing because apparently there had been a bomb threat and they had to change his route at the last minute to avoid potential danger - what is our nation coming to when a vice-presidential motorcade is caboosed by two ambulances?

The following day, we met some of our closest friends at the park for a picnic lunch. I surprised the mom with a cake and card & flowers for her birthday, which is this weekend and she surprised me with mini cupcakes for my birthday which was the week before. We all thought it was funny that we are such typical moms - always thinking of thoughtfulness toward others. Anyway, after that A headed to a football game at his alma mater and the girls and I just had long naps at the grandparents' house. My mom came up for a couple hours in the evening and we just hung out. I went to a late late movie with my friend from lunch and then hung out at their house til 2 AM talking politics.

Sunday, A and I slept in and then had a lazy lazy morning while the grandparents took the girls to the mall on a shopping spree. I thought they were going to get V some fall clothes, but they ended up coming home with tons of new things for A for work. They are always so generous and we so appreciate that they still take care of their son in some ways. We left that afternoon and headed back to central FL and drove around for hours looking at neighborhoods and houses. Not many options right now as that area has been slammed by 3 hurricanes... There are still some major highways closed due to damage. So, it will be a long haul trying to find a house, but we are starting to look into all our options, including building a new home, possibly renting for a few months in order to have time to build, and praying like crazy that we are led in the right direction soon.

Whoever said absence makes the heart grow fonder? How about more stressed?

A and I had many disagreements over the weekend and I think part of it is his stress with his new job and my stress in being a "single" parent. We had an argument the first hour we were together regarding what is the best timing for us to move (he wants fast, I want to take our time and get the right house, not to mention flushing money down the toilet doesn't appeal to me - we have a lease here until end of Jan.) So, after not seeing each other for 10 days, we went to bed angry at one another (he refused to listen to my point of view and wouldn't explain better his own.) Then, aside from the bath the first night, he didn't really help with the girls at all and I was totally disgusted that I drove over 500 miles one way to be with him and have him help with the kids and he just didn't.

We are cool now.... I get mad and then it takes me a day or two to remind myself that even the best husbands & fathers are still men and therefore ill-equipped to do many things right without having specific instructions. I have to admit that even though I was anxious to get there to be with him, I was just as relieved to be coming home on Monday. I realize that this break may be just the ticket. I expressed to him how I was feeling and reminded him of exactly what I need from him. I am not getting it now, but at least I said it. I will take into consideration that he is busy and consumed with his hotel and all the troubles that come with re-building after being torn up by storm after storm after storm. Hopefully, he will take into consideration that there are an awful lot of things that are on my shoulders now too and that I need as much support even on the phone that he can give.

Anyway.... enough on that. On to this week. Things are settling down and I am only 20 items short of my goal for V's
fundraiser, I don't think I am going to reach my goal since I have to turn everything in tomorrow. School is busy as usual and there are tons of things for me to do each day I am there. V loves it and A is getting used to being in the nursery all day while we are there.

I am looking forward to meeting
Becca and her daughter for dinner tomorrow evening! I included Politics in the title of this entry, but I refuse to talk about them on my blog. I will tell you what I believe, but I don't want to open this to be a forum for debate or finger-pointing. That being said, I am going to watch the debate so I can reaffirm my choice for America's President 2005-2009.

Until next time, I love you all and thank God for you every day.
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October 12, 2004
We're Back!
Okay, I am so sorry, I don't have time for a weekend update, but suffice it to say, I am glad to be home. Have to get ready for school, so I will post a real update this evening.

Missed you, girls! I can't wait to catch up on everyone's blogs... Have a great day!

God Bless You.
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October 07, 2004
Safe Travels
Okay, last time. I have typed this post 3 times, but when I try to change font style, everything disappears.

Going to FL for the weekend, leaving directly from school today. Will miss you, but have to be with my husband/girls' daddy. Will update when we return.

Love you all! Have a great weekend.

Until next time, God Be With You.
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October 06, 2004
Fun Facts - I am the last one, I am sure!
1. What time is it? 7:48 am
2. Name as it appears on your birth certificate: Holly Marie -----
3. What do people actually call you? Holly, Mommy
4. Number of candles on your last birthday? No candles, but 29
5. Family pets: none
7. Piercing or Tattoos? 2 Tattoos - A small dragon on my shoulder and the japanese symbol for "joy" on what used to be my hip (whoever lets girls get tattoos on the abdominal area? Pregnancy destroys them. I used to have my nose pierced. I have my right ear pierced once and the left pierced 3 times and used to have a cartilage piercing up top too. (No, I am not some wacko in my former life)
8. Eye color: Green
9. Hometown? Depends on what you really want to know - grew up in small town NE Ohio, but feel that Tampa Bay is "home" even though I only lived there from 20-28
10. Town you live in: Metro Atlanta - but on my way to central FL!
11. Favorite Food: Soup, Salad and breadsticks?
12. Ever been to Africa? not yet
13. Any toilet papering? no way
14. Love someone so much it made you cry? of course, I am a cryer, so practically everyone
15. Been in a car accident? not really, thank God
16. Croutons or bacon bits? how bout neither
17. Favorite day of the week? Sunday, Saturday... I don't know
18. Favorite Restaurants? Brookwood Grill, Melting Pot, Stoney River
19. Favorite flower: Wild arrangements - I guess if I have to pick ONE it would be roses, though
20. Favorite Sport to Watch? Baseball - can't wait for Indians spring training in central FL!
22. Favorite Ice Cream: just about anything Ben & Jerry's with chocolate
23. Disney or Warner Bros? Disney
24. Favorite fast food restaurant: Chick-fil-A or Taco Bell
25. What color is your bedroom carpet? beige - hello! I live in an apartment
26. How many times did you fail your driver's test? once - old bat failed me and my brother (months later) for the same "lack" of checking mirrors
27. Before this one, whom did you get your last e-mail from? Becca - thanks for the help with the blog roll!
28. Which store would you choose to max out your credit card? Super-Target (I wouldn't have thought of this answer, but it is a mighty good one)
29. What do you do most often when you are bored? bored? I don't get bored, I blog
30. Most annoying thing people ask you: why don't you just move back now?
31. Bedtime: 11ish
32. Who will copy this post the quickest? absolutely noone. I am sure I am the last in the circle to actually copy it and get it done myself
33. Where's your dream vacation? Europe with A and the girls - a LONG trip - at least a month or two
34. Last person you went out to dinner with? technically, it was lunch and it was with my friend L and her son (+ me and the girls) for my birthday
35. Favorite make of auto? Nissan, but will end up with a Toyota minivan
36. What are you listening to right now? Well, it was just the washing machine until Ana got up and now it is whining and a tantrum that I am listening to
37. What is your favorite color? Green or Purple
38. Time you finished this? 8:15 (but A's sister called in between and like I said, little A is throwing a tantrum)
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Becca's da Bomb-Diggity!
Thanks, Becca, for the help with the blog roll! Now if we can only figure out how to change the font size and color....hmmmm....

I felt it was about time I give the rest of you props for being my inspiration on rough days and my laughter on good ones.

You all rock!

Until Next Time, God Be With You.
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October 04, 2004
My Dear, Extravagant Husband

50 Roses delivered to me at school (even though it was the day after my birthday, it was a sweet gesture). These suckers took me over an hour to trim the stems and put into vases once we got home... But, man, are they gorgeous! The pictures didn't even capture their true beauty - their true color is more like deep red velvet.

And this is how amazing they look after they've opened up - they are bigger than the palm of my hand!

What a man. Thank you, sweetheart.
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My Weekend
I hope you will all forgive me for not being around much lately. Since A has gone, I am finding "single"-parenthood to be much more work than I remember from last year. Not to mention that I have a lot of stuff to be getting done before we move.


I cannot believe I woke up at 10:20 AM! I hadn't been sleeping well all week, but 10am is pretty ridiculous considering I have 2 children that don't sleep in like that. So, a day that was to be filled with much ended up being crazy because it started more than 2 hours late. Then there were some crazy things that happened (can we say a 2 yr old who takes matters into her own hands? I won't elaborate) and I just generally had a terrible day and had a terrible attitude. At one point, I was so stressed, I tearfully told the girls that I was ready for them to go NOW to spend the night with J & J - this was before noon.

I had a lot to do to prepare for the Arts & Wares show on Saturday. A friend, J, was going to come over later in the afternoon to help with the girls and she and her dh were planning to have dinner with us before taking the girls home with them for the night. That's right, ladies, I was going to get to have a whole night all by myself. But, wait! remember I told you that I was going to get my young cousin from the airport. So, my day was crazy, washing beds and such, getting my Mary Kay stuff ready for the show and making a dinner for our friends (coincidently, after I made the effort to make a nice big dinner - the man forgot and went straight home after work rather than coming here). It ended up working out just fine since my cousin, B, was hungry as could be for some real food, so he ate a heaping plate at 11:15 pm when we returned from the airport.


Waking up an hour late did not help me in getting my things together to get to church for the craft fair. However, the work I put in was kind of a waste since I went and stood there by my table for 4 hours (after 40 minutes of setting up) and sold one $7 item (at a steal, even). Yep, that's right. I guess the advertising and marketing for this show was sorely lacking because we had less than 10 browsers come through the doors in 4 hours. It was a bust. My table cost a $5 donation to the church (no big deal) and then I bought $5 in raffle tickets (who else was going to win the raffles from each vendor?). So, the day cost me some in packaging supplies (which I hope to recoup when I sell the products another time), plus $3 for raffle tickets (remember, I did actually make a $7 sale) - and I won 3 prizes! So, the event wasn't a total bust for me. Check out my booty (is that how you would spell that?):

Does this mean I am going to have another baby to use this quilt?!?!

This is a real sap bucket!

I also won a Creat*ve Memor*es pack - pretty good for $5!! Oh, plus the Tupperw*re lady, a friend of mine, sent home a cake with me.

After the un-show, I had to come home (SW of where the church is) to unload all my stuff, pick up B then head north to get the girls. Picked them up then headed SE to a party. The party was complete with one of those moonjump things for the kids, lots of catholics drinking beer and wine, a priest who really enjoyed the aforementioned FREE homemade cake and a delightful host couple who opened their home and backyard to an entire school and their families. It was a nice evening, even though the other parents didn't really talk to me, it gave me a chance to goof off a bit with B.

In all, I drove something like 100 miles that day, so was totally beat by the time we got home. I did stay up and watch a movie with B that was hysterical but incredibly stupid: Soror*ty Boys.


Well, after a night spent with a coughing, sputtering, hacking girl (I swear she sounds like an old man when she is having asthmatic problems), I could barely drag my butt out of bed. Veronica resents me because she missed Sunday school and I am in the doghouse with A too (hey, he was comfortably sleeping all by himself at his parents house, uninterrupted all night). B did offer to play with the girls for a little bit so I could go back to bed and I will be grateful for days that I got to have that nap.

In the afternoon, I drove nearly to the SC line to deliver B to his stepdad (who always gets stuck meeting me "halfway" to hand off their kids). We did have a nice little visit with B and look forward to him coming with us to FL next week, goofy as he is, he will make the car trip go faster.

In the afternoon, the girls and I just chilled and spent time together. It was nice to be home with nothing much to do, though the dishes keep piling into the sink, I will have to get to that tonight before we have school tomorrow and the craziness of the week hits full force.

Until next time, May God's Blessings Be Abundant in Your Life.
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