January 22, 2009
36th Anniversary of a Decision that Changed Many Lives
This morning, I am on my way to Washington, D.C. in order to add my voice to hundreds of thousands of others, praying for the end of abortion.
Did you know that less than one tenth of one percent of abortions are performed in order to save the mother's life or as a result of rape/incest? We have an obligation to prevent the wrongful death of millions of innocent human lives. I realize that there are a handful of those who choose to end their children's lives in order to "prevent future suffering" through birth defects and conditions that may limit their lives to a few moments or hours or even weeks beyond birth. But who are we to say that those lives don't deserve the chance to live to their natural death? Isn't it possible that we could gain abundant graces through those experiences? I suppose if you don't believe in God, maybe you believe that NO, nothing good can come from an experience like that. But I disagree.
Should I not even try to get pregnant because I have had 7 miscarriages (one of them at nearly 20 weeks)? Should I just give up completely my hopes of having a larger family because it is obvious that we continue to conceive life that is doomed to be short? Or can we hope that God is using all these for a greater good? That He is forming us, even as our hearts long for more children? Why is it that people feel sorry for us that we have suffered so many early losses, yet they think it is a woman's right to end a human's life rather than inconvenience herself or her plans for the future?
Thanks to the decision in the case of Roe v. Wade, I am the oldest of 3, instead of the 3rd of 7. And I feel a responsibility to my deceased siblings to stand up and say that a "woman's right to choose" the death of her children is not only horrifying, but should not be a protected right.
Our culture has been so sidelined by the decision that was made 36 years ago that it makes me afraid for my children's future. Will they be able to worship God freely as adults? Will they be persecuted for their christian faith? It certainly seems like we are heading down that road. And I can't help but think that the moment we crossed that line to think that we should protect a woman's right to "choose" death for her children is the moment our society began its descent into a place of absolute disrespect for human lives. Lives have been marginalized because of this, and many many women have spent years suffering from this legal decision and its lasting effects on their lives.
Human life cannot exist without its start in the womb. Even people who were conceived in a lab, still had to grow in the womb. A woman's choice is when she makes the decision to have sex. Period. Any other choice ends the potential greatness that is inherent in every human life.
God Bless you.
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