October 19, 2004
An Interesting Read, I Am Sure
At the end of my link list, you will see a new addition: Bevin. There is an interesting story of how she and I became friends, I will just give you the Reader's D*gest version:

Bevin is my dh's high school sweetheart - okay, well, into college. They were involved for years, despite long distances since she went away to college. He held on too long. Couldn't let first love go. In the beginning of my relationship with A, issues came up because of his holding on to Bevin. I was a mean bitch and attacked her via email because I believed the stupid lies A told me re: their relationship since he and I were together. I have since apologized for my bad start and he has since grown up. A lot (this happened many years ago). In the following months, Bevin and I grew to like each other, developing this email friendship that I think allowed both of us time to get to know each other. This has been important because she was a part of the circle of friends that A had in high school and we all pretty much really like each other, to this day. During holidays, when everyone is visiting their parents in FL, we try to get together.

Bevin is an incredibly interesting woman. She is a lobbyist in Washington. She is single with a beautiful boyfriend from Brazil. She takes Portuguese classes so she can communicate with his family (his mother doesn't speak any English). She brought him to our house when V was 5 days old. (Can you imagine how much he loves her that they were dating only months and she brought him to her hs boyfriend's house to meet his new baby!) They may get married one day. She's been to Brazil 3 or 4 maybe more times. She may move to Brazil with him. She has an interesting career, following in her father's footsteps, so to speak. She meets interesting people all the time and people think she is interesting. She has a heart of gold and is likely to make a great impact on anyone she meets.

Now she is posting a
blog for the next three weeks. Chronicling her days at the end of a high profile election, working hard for her cause. I will be reading along despite her support of Dem0crat*c Party candidates. I miss my friend (we haven't seen each other in several years since her mom visited her in DC so much she hasn't been to FL herself). I look forward to seeing her at Christmas.

And did I mention she is beautiful to boot?
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