October 21, 2004
Go Red Sox!!!!
I really wish I had stayed up last night to see the Red S0x finish off the Y*nkees.... Alas, I had gone to bed because I was so daggone tired from watching them the night before. But, man!! Yee ha!!!! I am so excited for Boston fans and especially for this team who has rallied and performed like champs this week after being beaten down in the first 3 games of the series. I am not typically a Red S0x fan (Cleveland Indi*ns is my team), but I have never rooted for the Y*nkees. And well, I have a good friend who shares my love for baseball (maybe I share his love for baseball, since he knows way more than I do) and his team is Boston. After nearly 10 years of friendship, I have to admit that I on occasion root for the S0x (as long as they aren't playing my Tribe). Anyway.... I have digressed. Go Red S0x!!!!

(Doin' a dance!) I have other reasons to have a really great day today.....

The girls and I are going to meet
Becca and her daughter for dinner tonight! And then tomorrow, Sandi, Becca and Cara are all coming to my house for a blog party and sleepover!

What a week! I have tons of work today and tomorrow for school, so I will catch you all on the flip side of the weekend.

Until next time, God Bless You and don't forget to hug your favorite baseball player.
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