October 04, 2004
My Weekend
I hope you will all forgive me for not being around much lately. Since A has gone, I am finding "single"-parenthood to be much more work than I remember from last year. Not to mention that I have a lot of stuff to be getting done before we move.


I cannot believe I woke up at 10:20 AM! I hadn't been sleeping well all week, but 10am is pretty ridiculous considering I have 2 children that don't sleep in like that. So, a day that was to be filled with much ended up being crazy because it started more than 2 hours late. Then there were some crazy things that happened (can we say a 2 yr old who takes matters into her own hands? I won't elaborate) and I just generally had a terrible day and had a terrible attitude. At one point, I was so stressed, I tearfully told the girls that I was ready for them to go NOW to spend the night with J & J - this was before noon.

I had a lot to do to prepare for the Arts & Wares show on Saturday. A friend, J, was going to come over later in the afternoon to help with the girls and she and her dh were planning to have dinner with us before taking the girls home with them for the night. That's right, ladies, I was going to get to have a whole night all by myself. But, wait! remember I told you that I was going to get my young cousin from the airport. So, my day was crazy, washing beds and such, getting my Mary Kay stuff ready for the show and making a dinner for our friends (coincidently, after I made the effort to make a nice big dinner - the man forgot and went straight home after work rather than coming here). It ended up working out just fine since my cousin, B, was hungry as could be for some real food, so he ate a heaping plate at 11:15 pm when we returned from the airport.


Waking up an hour late did not help me in getting my things together to get to church for the craft fair. However, the work I put in was kind of a waste since I went and stood there by my table for 4 hours (after 40 minutes of setting up) and sold one $7 item (at a steal, even). Yep, that's right. I guess the advertising and marketing for this show was sorely lacking because we had less than 10 browsers come through the doors in 4 hours. It was a bust. My table cost a $5 donation to the church (no big deal) and then I bought $5 in raffle tickets (who else was going to win the raffles from each vendor?). So, the day cost me some in packaging supplies (which I hope to recoup when I sell the products another time), plus $3 for raffle tickets (remember, I did actually make a $7 sale) - and I won 3 prizes! So, the event wasn't a total bust for me. Check out my booty (is that how you would spell that?):

Does this mean I am going to have another baby to use this quilt?!?!

This is a real sap bucket!

I also won a Creat*ve Memor*es pack - pretty good for $5!! Oh, plus the Tupperw*re lady, a friend of mine, sent home a cake with me.

After the un-show, I had to come home (SW of where the church is) to unload all my stuff, pick up B then head north to get the girls. Picked them up then headed SE to a party. The party was complete with one of those moonjump things for the kids, lots of catholics drinking beer and wine, a priest who really enjoyed the aforementioned FREE homemade cake and a delightful host couple who opened their home and backyard to an entire school and their families. It was a nice evening, even though the other parents didn't really talk to me, it gave me a chance to goof off a bit with B.

In all, I drove something like 100 miles that day, so was totally beat by the time we got home. I did stay up and watch a movie with B that was hysterical but incredibly stupid: Soror*ty Boys.


Well, after a night spent with a coughing, sputtering, hacking girl (I swear she sounds like an old man when she is having asthmatic problems), I could barely drag my butt out of bed. Veronica resents me because she missed Sunday school and I am in the doghouse with A too (hey, he was comfortably sleeping all by himself at his parents house, uninterrupted all night). B did offer to play with the girls for a little bit so I could go back to bed and I will be grateful for days that I got to have that nap.

In the afternoon, I drove nearly to the SC line to deliver B to his stepdad (who always gets stuck meeting me "halfway" to hand off their kids). We did have a nice little visit with B and look forward to him coming with us to FL next week, goofy as he is, he will make the car trip go faster.

In the afternoon, the girls and I just chilled and spent time together. It was nice to be home with nothing much to do, though the dishes keep piling into the sink, I will have to get to that tonight before we have school tomorrow and the craziness of the week hits full force.

Until next time, May God's Blessings Be Abundant in Your Life.
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