October 14, 2004
Update and Politics
Hello all! I wanted to give a brief update on my weekend visit to Florida and catch up on what's going on this week.

The Finer Points

We left Thursday right after school and arrived at our destination in central FL at bedtime. It was so wonderful to see A again and see the girls' faces light up at the sight of their daddy. He gave them a bath and we all got ready for bed.

The visit did improve as we went to visit other family and had such a nice time, as always. We spent the day Friday with A's grandparents (he was actually working, so it was just me and the girls) during their vacation in Orlando. We had a wonderful time taking the girls to the pool and Veronica made her Great Poppop take her to the playground for a bit to push her on the swings. They love it! We drove back to Adam's hotel and picked him up and headed to his parents' for the weekend. We had the awesome opportunity to go out to dinner alone, so we jumped at it and went to our favorite Thai restaraunt - YUM! We were unable to leave the restaurant afterwards because the main road was blocked due to who knew what, but then we found out that the motorcade was carrying our Vice President, Dick Cheney, to a rally. It was disturbing because apparently there had been a bomb threat and they had to change his route at the last minute to avoid potential danger - what is our nation coming to when a vice-presidential motorcade is caboosed by two ambulances?

The following day, we met some of our closest friends at the park for a picnic lunch. I surprised the mom with a cake and card & flowers for her birthday, which is this weekend and she surprised me with mini cupcakes for my birthday which was the week before. We all thought it was funny that we are such typical moms - always thinking of thoughtfulness toward others. Anyway, after that A headed to a football game at his alma mater and the girls and I just had long naps at the grandparents' house. My mom came up for a couple hours in the evening and we just hung out. I went to a late late movie with my friend from lunch and then hung out at their house til 2 AM talking politics.

Sunday, A and I slept in and then had a lazy lazy morning while the grandparents took the girls to the mall on a shopping spree. I thought they were going to get V some fall clothes, but they ended up coming home with tons of new things for A for work. They are always so generous and we so appreciate that they still take care of their son in some ways. We left that afternoon and headed back to central FL and drove around for hours looking at neighborhoods and houses. Not many options right now as that area has been slammed by 3 hurricanes... There are still some major highways closed due to damage. So, it will be a long haul trying to find a house, but we are starting to look into all our options, including building a new home, possibly renting for a few months in order to have time to build, and praying like crazy that we are led in the right direction soon.

Whoever said absence makes the heart grow fonder? How about more stressed?

A and I had many disagreements over the weekend and I think part of it is his stress with his new job and my stress in being a "single" parent. We had an argument the first hour we were together regarding what is the best timing for us to move (he wants fast, I want to take our time and get the right house, not to mention flushing money down the toilet doesn't appeal to me - we have a lease here until end of Jan.) So, after not seeing each other for 10 days, we went to bed angry at one another (he refused to listen to my point of view and wouldn't explain better his own.) Then, aside from the bath the first night, he didn't really help with the girls at all and I was totally disgusted that I drove over 500 miles one way to be with him and have him help with the kids and he just didn't.

We are cool now.... I get mad and then it takes me a day or two to remind myself that even the best husbands & fathers are still men and therefore ill-equipped to do many things right without having specific instructions. I have to admit that even though I was anxious to get there to be with him, I was just as relieved to be coming home on Monday. I realize that this break may be just the ticket. I expressed to him how I was feeling and reminded him of exactly what I need from him. I am not getting it now, but at least I said it. I will take into consideration that he is busy and consumed with his hotel and all the troubles that come with re-building after being torn up by storm after storm after storm. Hopefully, he will take into consideration that there are an awful lot of things that are on my shoulders now too and that I need as much support even on the phone that he can give.

Anyway.... enough on that. On to this week. Things are settling down and I am only 20 items short of my goal for V's
fundraiser, I don't think I am going to reach my goal since I have to turn everything in tomorrow. School is busy as usual and there are tons of things for me to do each day I am there. V loves it and A is getting used to being in the nursery all day while we are there.

I am looking forward to meeting
Becca and her daughter for dinner tomorrow evening! I included Politics in the title of this entry, but I refuse to talk about them on my blog. I will tell you what I believe, but I don't want to open this to be a forum for debate or finger-pointing. That being said, I am going to watch the debate so I can reaffirm my choice for America's President 2005-2009.

Until next time, I love you all and thank God for you every day.
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