July 28, 2005
So Long, Farewell...
For now. We are losing our internet connection in the morning, so I wanted to tell you all that things with moving are well, they are moving along. Can you tell I crack myself up?
I'll meet with the realtor tomorrow at noon to get the keys and sign the lease and hand him almost a whole paycheck worth of money. We'll start moving things in our cars tomorrow and then Saturday we have some teenage boys coming to help move (and one adult) most of our stuff. We are leaving the heavy and bulky and fragile furniture items for the movers to bring Sunday. We can't afford to pay movers for the whole move, so we've rented a truck for Saturday. It must be a big weekend for moving around here, every single rental place was out of trucks - except one.
Like I said, Sunday, the movers will come to get the rest of our things and then we'll be busy trying to unpack and arrange and settle ourselves into the new place. I am very excited. Though, I'm already tired from the THOUGHT of unpacking all of our stuff.
Oh, and I broke my toe on Monday. How? Because I am an absolute clutz and literally tripped over my child and fell into a doorway, stubbing two toes and crushing the toe between those against the corner. What fun! But you know what? It could have been worse. And I am glad that it is not preventing me from walking at all, because even though the stairs are difficult, I can be of great help loading the stuff from the garage and telling people where to put what. :)
Anyway, I wanted to tell you all to have a blessed weekend. And I hope we'll be back online sometime next week.
Until then, may you be surrounded by love and peace.
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