July 08, 2005
I'm Here....
Just too busy to post!
Becca and Rach are here!!! So so happy to have them here. But what a welcome we've given them:
On the way to the airport to retrieve them, I checked the outside temperature: 99 degrees Farenheit
Just after picking them up, I dumped them at my IL's (empty) house along with my girls and said "Seeya in an hour and a half!" and went to therapy.
After an hour drive to my place, which got us home at nearly 7 pm, I did manage to serve a decent home-cooked meal.
That night, we stayed up way late giggling too much and chatting with Cara online.
Yesterday, we were wiped out and both had a nap in the afternoon with all the girls. And well, afterwards, I was too dang tired to cook, so we went out and stuffed ourselves at a country buffet.
And then we came home and did the Power 90 workout dvd. You should have heard A and Becca bashing each other. It was hysterical.
Today, we took the kids to a play place where they ran around and generally had a good time. This afternoon, the rain has started and now we wonder if it will stop.
Tonight, we are not wasting a moment and are going to a Moms Night Out with some of the moms from my playgroup. It should be a good time and yet another opportunity for us to laugh and make memories.
Then tomorrow morning, reality sets in and we head toward our hometown to make sure A's grandparents and my mom are all safe and tucked into their homes.
Then, we wait to see where Dennis is headed. While we pray he doesn't pull a Charlie.
So, Becca, I love you, but I just don't know how to be a good hostess. I hope you'll believe me and come back another time - maybe when it is NOT hurricane season.
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