July 21, 2005
Pictures Coming *Edited*
We got it!!!!!

We were approved and will have possession of the house August 1. !!!! I think I'd like to take a couple days to move (this way I can move as much stuff as I can before paying movers to move the heavy stuff).

I'll be MIA as I am packing and preparing for my THIRD move in 2 years.

But, good news is this: we will be able to "settle" into this house for a couple years and the plan is to buy something after that (back in our home county) when A is able to get a job over there.

Thanks for all your prayers - the realtor said our credit (what they look at, anyway) wasn't bad at all and there was no hesitation at all!!! Good news - this means when it is time for us to BUY in a couple years, we should have a much easier time of it than we were anticipating.

Yee HAW!!! When is the next BLOG PARTY? I can host a night or two at my house and then we can head to Disney!!!!
***Edited to Add:
I am NOT going to start a blog party war. :) Let me lay it out there: I live in the vacation/hurricane capital of the WORLD! So, I am thinking something in the winter NOT during hurricane season so all you's guys (when I was thinking this expression, I was halted by the memory that Bob (my stepdad) used to always say that and it drove me bananas) who're in snowy places can come and get some sunshine. Isn't there a President's Day holiday or something that makes a long weekend in Feb? Also, I can get discount tickets to Disney World and if we all wanted to head up to Orlando for a night or something, we can split the cost of hotel rooms (that A can get us at employee rates).
So, that is my tentative plan: February - the weekend of President's Day - in the Sunshine State - with a visit to see Mickey Mouse. And one other thing, families are invited and maybe we can get a block of rooms for the dads and kids at A's hotel for one night while we girls party it up at my place!***
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