July 13, 2005
Coming Out of Hiding
Okay, I wasn't really hiding. But, I kinda was. Between Becca coming for a fabulous visit and my nearly having a nervous breakdown.... well, I haven't been around much on the computer.

But there are some good things happening around here. I'll start by just giving some highlights of the visit with Becca and Rach:

~All three girls giggling most of the day
~Rach running to A when he would get home from work and hugging his legs, then later going to him and laying her head on his chest (he was laying on the couch)
~Rach smacking me around and laughing her darling head off
~Spending some much needed time just chillin' out with my girl, Becca
~Closing a pottery shop after consuming nearly a bottle of wine, oh, and we painted too :)
~Going to a meat market-type bar in our pjs - with complete strangers (who strangely came to the pajama party at the pottery place dressed to the nines and SHE was freakin drop-dead gorgeous)
~Sharing one of my favorite hobbies with Becca - and staying up way too late every. single. night.
~Power 90 - seriously, ceiling slapping has never been so fun!

While I am definitely going to miss Becca and Rach, it is much harder since V cried for over 30 minutes after we dropped them at the airport. And today? My girls were already asking when we'll see them again.

Becca, thank you so much for coming and spending a week with my family. I am sorry we didn't have better weather and we didn't get to the beach or the pool or really do anything that fun or exciting (well, Steve makes for a good story, no?). But, you and Rach (and Matt too) are welcome to come back anytime. Seriously.

As for the other stuff going on.... I had a really good appointment with my therapist last week and while it was one of those hours that you leave feeling worse than when you went in, it really put my thoughts into perspective. The downside to that is I was emotional for days afterward and I've finally started grieving the loss of my beloved stepfather. I know it sounds totally ridiculous since the accident was over three months ago, but I just haven't had the opportunity to let my guard down enough to cry. And well, poor Becca had to deal with my mopey a$$ for a couple days.
Good news, working out has helped improve my mood and after a couple days of feeling sorry for myself, I am doing much better and back to our regularly scheduled programming....
Many Blessings.
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