July 26, 2005
Google Worries
Well, I am realizing that someone is snooping on my blog. Someone who wasn't invited and though I know this is a "public" forum, you MUST realize that since I personally know you and didn't tell you about this place that it was not someplace you are welcome to lurk. And just because I share my thoughts with a group of women I know well (and at least one or two men who I know personally, including my husband, who CARE about me and I invited them into this personal account of my life), doesn't mean it is any of YOUR business what I say privately to my friends and other family.
And by the way, using my personal journal as a weapon against me is seriously twisted and something you should talk to a therapist about. That you will twist facts around to suit YOUR situation and flat out lie to me about details to try to push your own fault onto someone else is a sign of your very clear guilt in the entire situation. And if you are reading this, know that I will easily find out. Because I can and I know how. And one other thing: this is MY place and get the heck out of here.
And to you, little sicko perverts who search for things like this should find something much more interesting someplace else. Neither are YOU welcome here.
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