November 03, 2006
We've been feeling called lately to give more. One of us interprets that to mean we should give even more financially to our church and other "charitable" commitments. The other is interpreting that we give more of ourselves. That we serve others.
Those who know Husband and me can probably figure out which is interpreting what. When we lived in Florida, we were both involved in different ministries and one ministry we were both involved in. We thrive when we are in service to others. We feel a fullness of our faith as we give to others in a small way to mirror what God has so graciously given us.
So, our compromise is that we have scheduled financial gifts and we are going to give financially to others in a way that makes us both a little uncomfortable - for Husband, it will be opening our home to another family regularly for dinner; for me, it will be preparing something a bit more challenging to make the invited family feel special and welcome. I figure this is a good way to teach our kids about giving to others, and in the process we will be building friendships and community with those around us - something that I find ever more important the longer we spend our lives away from our families.
I look forward to cooking for families with many children and inviting them to have a "night off" by cooking and cleaning for all of them.
It's small, but I know I'd appreciate my family all the more after spending more time with others (and having the work to feed that many more mouths!). Plus, who doesn't like having a reason to make a good dinner and crack open a bottle or two of wine?
In what ways can you give more of yourself to others? Do you think if you did, you would find more happiness in your own life? Or do you feel all gived out by serving your children and husband?
[Congratulations to Kelly, on the birth of her daughter - likely right as I am posting this entry. We love you, Kelly! May you have a joyful first meeting with Haley and may you have a speedy recovery from your c-section.]
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