October 12, 2006
Aside from the fact I'm not sure anyone will be able to read this, since I am having a hard time with blogger this morning, I have a request....
Tonight I am hosting a gathering of the homeschooling moms in our group. Last month, it was at another house and she had a cake and raspberries and iced tea to drink. We did a neat little craft. We sat around talking at her kitchen table.
This time is supposed to be for affirmation and encouragement and almost all the moms have 4+ children (not me!). I'd like to make this evening fun, but I've been coming up empty for a whole month. I'd also like to do something nice for these women who give so much of themselves to their families every day. It's so important! And generous! And I want them to feel appreciated for the hard work they do (no monetary paychecks for an at-home mom, especially a homeschooling mom).
Any ideas? They have to be simple or not-time-consuming-to-plan, since they will be at my house in less than 9 hours.
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