October 02, 2006
Bad News and Good News
I'll start with the bad, since I like to end on a good note. Husband didn't get the job in Atlanta. Simply, the woman hiring doesn't like him (nor he her) and she chose to hire someone from outside the company, in spite of the fact that it was recommended by her peers and superiors to hire my husband. So, we don't get to move to our beloved city, no settling for many years, and we still have no idea what comes next from where we are now. So, phfbbbbt!
The good news? We do like it here. We have an incredible house, a great neighborhood, and even better people around us. We don't have to move before Christmas. We love our homeschooling group and our church.... And now we get to enjoy more time here, as we'd originally planned. We also know that God has not forsaken us yet and we don't think He's doing that now.
Cara said it best when she said "At least now the waiting is over."
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