November 01, 2006
I'm back from Florida. We had a nice, mostly relaxing time with family and actually got more than a few days of schoolwork done in our time there.
The wedding Saturday was exactly what I presume most weddings are like - my friend, the bride, was stunning and looked exactly like a princess; her parents were quick to hug me and her mom exclaimed how happy she was to see me; an old girlfriend of my brother's said she knew exactly who I was (in spite of not seeing me in 13+ years and the fact that I look absolutely nothing like I did when I was in high school - but it was kind of her to say I look just like me); I was dragged to the "Norton" table, where I was surprised to see many parents of former school-mates. It was especially nice to see the mother of two friends that I've recently been in contact with; I had a fun time chatting with the bride's brother, who has grown up quite nicely - we have some fun memories from my senior year and were surprised how much the dancing at the wedding reminded us how silly we all were in high school. It was lovely. And I'm so glad we went. I was honored to be included in my friend's special day.
It was nice to visit with some of our family while in town. I reconnected with a friend and I'm hoping the reconnection sticks, though I'm already doubting it since she hasn't returned my calls in 4 days. C'est la vie. I tried.
It was wonderful listening to the early morning camping trips the girls took with Poppop. Spending a day with the great-grandparents and then lunching with them on the way home. It was just a really nice week. The girls obviously needed it - they loved spending time with their grandparents and I can't tell you how it hurts my heart that the hundreds of miles prevent us from allowing them more time together.
But, we're back and we're trying to find our routine again. And hooray! We've actually been to mass every morning this week. Does my soul good.
I hope you all had a safe night last night and your little angels had a great time. We had a Susan from Narn1a and a Belle. They were precious.
Until next time, God Bless you.
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