October 14, 2006
No News is Good News
I'm choosing to subscribe to the whole idea of "ignorance is bliss". Husband hasn't heard back from the VP, so we are assuming they aren't so anxious to get us in Baltimore. Which is just fine with us.
We're happy to wait here until something else comes up. And we are hoping that a nasty trick won't be played on us and the next offer will be in someplace like Denver or Phoenix.
I think under the circumstances (that we could have been moving to a city that we love, just an hour or so away from where we are now, but miscommunication prevented that job from happening for Husband), we are in a decent position for the company to be nice with the next assignment. Still, we know there are no guarantees.
So, we trust. We trust that God will take care of us and provide for us what we need, no matter where we end up.
In the meantime, I'm going to go to Sam's for some serious stocking up of my wonderful freezer, that I've missed for years. And maybe next weekend, I will do a month's worth of dinners. :) Just in time to start getting us through the holidays.
A fully stocked deep freeze is definitely a sign that we're staying. So, I hope in my ignorance, I am not making a huge mistake. (Maybe I'll just get enough to half stock it?)
Have a blessed weekend!
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