June 13, 2005
My cousin? With the rosary in her teeth?
This week, V is attending vacation bible school at our church. Little A was very upset this morning as she realized that she was not going to attend as well. I promised Little A that I would take her out to breakfast - wherever she wanted. Well, the little snob wanted a chocolate hazelnut bagel with cream cheese, so we went to Panera. :)
As we sat enjoying our coffee (me!) and bagels, I was chatting with her and telling her of our upcoming schedule of visitors and visiting. I mentioned next week, we'd be sleeping over with some friends. yay! Then miss Becca and baby Rachael will be coming - YAY! And then cousin B will be coming for a visit - YAYY!!
Little A: My cousin? B? Is coming to see ME?
me: Yes. She is going to come and stay with us for a few days.
Little A: My cousin? B? With the ROSARY IN HER TEETH?!
me: what???
Little A: Cousin B has a rosary in her teeth!!
me: (completely bewildered - I am pretty sure cousin B doesn't even know what a rosary is)
Little A: (prying her lips away from her own teeth and pointing to them) screeching: She has a RO-SA-RY IN HER TEETH
me: Oh!!! you mean her braces?
Oh my gosh, I know the other patrons thought my sweet daughter was a lunatic. But, man, I nearly wet my pants. That kid is so funny!
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