June 06, 2005
Sometimes Family Just Sucks
This is a terrible way to post this... but I feel like I am going to burst with my anger.
My brother called me about an hour ago. Just to check in. Oh, and by the way, our grandfather in Ohio (local to my brother) died. Last week. And the funeral was yesterday.
Okay, I just about hung up on him, since I was upset from the news and then completely enraged by the fact that I was prevented from being there for the funeral. Prevented from paying my respects, prevented from participating in an important family event. Prevented from being there to give my grandma a hug when she is obviously in most need of hugs.
So, not only am I sad that Papa is gone, but I couldn't be there to say my goodbyes with the rest of the family because my stepmother and my brother chose to prove to me that I am not considered part of their family.
God, please just make me understand why THESE people are my family?
And for Papa, I am sorry I didn't appreciate you more. I have such fond memories of playing in your gardens and helping pick green beans and tomatoes. I love you and am so sad for Grandma to be missing you so.
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