June 22, 2005
My Week
First, I want to say a HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to our girl, Cara!!!! Lots of exciting things going on in her life and one huge thing that is well-deserved! I am so proud of you and love you so much. Just had to shout out to her - I'm sure she'll want to share details later.
Second, I am not around much this week. Actually, I am out of town (in our "hometown") this entire week. A friend of mine had surgery yesterday and I am here to care for her 3 1/2 year old and will also wait on her hand and foot once she is released from the hospital. Please pray this morning that she "voids" before noon or they will re-place the catheter and keep her another day (she was supposed to be released this morning, but can't seem to void). So, I am staying at her parents' house (they are away on vacation) with my girls and her youngest son. It is weird staying in someone else's house alone, but it is a beautiful house right in my friends' and family's neck of the woods, so it's pretty cool. The one sad thing here is my girls seem to like waking before 6 (I just HAVE to sleep until at least 7!) and they have dial-up. So, I am trying to keep up with everyone, but can't stay online all day, and that is about how long it takes to load the pages..... hahaha
Becca, I am sorry I didn't call you back yesterday. We're all fighting a nasty cold and we were trying to take a nap when you called. I will call you tonight after 9 (or maybe call you earlier and have you call back here on the house phone). Poor Little A is having her typical asthmatic issues with her cold. It gets old having to force her to sit and take a nebulizer treatment. The kid is a trooper, though. V seems better already, but I am feeling awful. Great, just what we need during the week I am supposed to be caring for a whole other family.
Anyway, I gotta go - the kids are screaming at each other and someone just pushed..... back to my patrol work. :)
Love you all!
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