June 07, 2005
Papa Jack
Papa Jack was one of the most gentle men I have known in my life. He loved to take care of and play with his grandchildren and great-grandchildren. He was incredibly talented at growing things - roses, beans, tomatoes, I remember tall sunflowers one year that my brother and I ran over with the go-cart and boy, did we get in trouble for that.
Papa Jack never cared that we were step-step-grandchildren - he treated us the same as the rest. He was so loving - took such good care of Grandma once she started having her back problems. I ache for how her life changed last week. Her companion, her love, her support... How her heart must have broken lifting his face to find the light gone out.
Give praise to God, Papa had a full and mostly happy life. I will never forget the wonderful times we spent together with the rest of the family - and even those few quiet days we had together just Papa and Grandma and A, me and the girls. What a treasure that time was. I only wish there'd been more.
May you find eternal peace and love in the hereafter. I don't think I told you I love you enough.
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