June 13, 2005
Ah, back to the grind
Well, even more crap hit the fan last week - can you believe there even was more to go up? Suffice to say my stepbrothers' attorney is a greedy be-yotch and is trying to take everything she can from my mom (remember she gets at least 1/3 of the entire estate, so the more she takes, the more she pockets herself). Oh, and the greedy a$$es of stepbrothers that I have are just cruising along with the attorney, happy to make my mom pay them half the value of her own furniture. Yep, that's what I really said. Oh, and they want her truck too. And even went to illegal lengths to try to get it from her. I hope he goes to jail for fraud. The only good thing that will come out of any of this is that my mom now has an attorney of her own (though she had to pull money out of her a$$ to pay for it - seriously, she is going so far into debt because she can't get the insurance $ yet for red tape, I think she owes my grandmother close to $5k now for helping with bills and everything since Pop died.) Ugh. Anyway, now we don't have to worry about those boys and their she-devil lawyer. And hopefully the truck issue will be resolved Wednesday - long story.
Anyway, I want to talk about something aside from the craziness or the stress..... well, maybe at least a little about something other than that. Friday was our friends' 10th wedding anniversary. These friends have had a very strained relationship for a few years now and they've been seeing miracle-worker-psychologist for some marriage counseling. Things have been improving teeny bit by teeny bit (they have to be a bit more committed to the therapy process and actually go on a regular schedule). Anyway, it was their anniversary. And her mom wouldn't keep the kids overnight. 2 months after keeping her other grandchildren for a whole weekend for the anniversary of her older daughter. ??? So, basically, they were going to go to dinner and a movie for their 10th anniversary. !!! Romantic? Nope. During a time when they need some ultimate romance in their marriage.... Well, I would not stand for it. :) I insisted that we get them a hotel room (I love my husband) and we would stay overnight with their kids at their house while they go out and have an overnight date. We put champagne, strawberries and chocolates in their room when we checked into the hotel for them. They went to dinner and then to the hotel for a bit before going to see Mr. and Mrs. Smith. Apparently the combination was perfect and a wonderful night was had by them. I mean, who wouldn't come back to the hotel feeling frisky after watching two of the world's sexiest people in a movie together? And surprisingly, the evening was a breeze for us, in spite of having 5 children. And believe it or not, they were all in bed by 9, though our girls had a hard time falling asleep.
Saturday morning, I had an appointment with the miracle-worker-psychologist (I referred them to her, as I staked my claim on her many years ago). It went something like this:
me: I can't seem to stop crying this week
her: duh, you are under so much stress, I'm surprised it took this long to get you to cry
me: I am worried about crying so much - it's just not natural
her: it IS natural. you haven't cried in months and don't you think it is all just catching up?
me: I suppose, but when should I be worried if it carries on like this?
her: if you're still crying a lot in a week, call me. In the meantime, please call me during the week and we'll have more session on the phone. There's lots to talk about.
As in, she knows I live an hour away and knows one hour wasn't enough, so she would like to talk to me on the phone until I feel better. I love her. Really, I do. She knows me better than anyone on the planet (probably better than my husband knows me, though he's quickly catching up).
Later that day, we went to my mom's for an impromptu BBQ with my family - my aunt from SC had come for the weekend so we invited my aunt who lives an hour away here and my cousin and her daughter. Poor A was the lone man in the bunch. Good thing he loves to play in the pool with the kids. He's a good man. And even better that he's willing to spend an afternoon with a bunch of silly women. We had a nice time hanging out together and I wish everyone lived closer so we could do it more often.
We stayed overnight at A's parents' and then Sunday spent the morning at church and then with A's grandparents before heading back to his parents' house so he could play the drums and then mow the yard. I had a big nap in the afternoon with Little A. We went to dinner with the great-grandparents and then headed home.
Have I ever mentioned how happy I am to be an hour from home? It is so nice to spend so much time with family.
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