June 06, 2005
Not Quite the Homecoming I Imagined
I came home from Miami, excited about the coming week, posting some pictures of the beach and generally just trying to catch up with all my friends. I found out that Cara's family has some crazy/stressful/exciting news - and I called her this morning to congratulate/commiserate with her and I sat at my desk as we were talking and there was an email from Kate. Only when I opened it, it wasn't from Kate. It was from her husband. And well, my excitement over my upcoming week completely dissipated as I read and re-read the email. Of course, Cara was still on the other end of the phone and she was freaking out as I just kept saying over and over again "Ohmygod... ohmygod.... ohmygod..." Finally I read out loud the email and I just thank God I was not *alone* when I read that email. Thank you, Cara, for being my friend and for being with me as we got the news about our friend, Kate.

She's back in the hospital, this time much worse than last time. Please pray for her and her family. There are more details on bad girls blogging.

Until next time, God Bless you and your family.
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