May 23, 2005
Strange Occurences
Well, we all have to admit that there is something strange going on around here. I don't know what to say about it all, other than the fact that it makes me incredibly sad that there are people that would a) go to great efforts to insult others, b) go to even greater efforts to infiltrate a circle of women who've found great friendship and support in an online community - just to make the insults even more stinging and then there are those in group c) who think I am capable of being a troll or saying anything like what has been said on other blogs.
While, yes, my feelings are hurt that others have assumed the worst of me, I can understand that it would be shocking to think I had confessed to hurting someone I truly care about. I just wish that those of you who felt like I was capable of being so cruel to a friend would really know me better. Because I pray, today especially, that those I encounter around here would know that I am genuine and truly caring of my friends. I would never say anything to hurt Kelly or anyone else on purpose, or even by accident. I am astounded at the emails I have gotten as well as the assumptions of others I thought were friends of mine. How silly of me to think that I was transparent enough that others would never believe that I would be guilty of such a grievous assault on a genuinely caring and sweet friend.
That being said, I am most sad because it's become more and more apparent that whoever is heckling my friends is spending an outrageous amount of time either researching her cause or just hanging out on the blogs, getting to know us better. Which, let's face it, is pretty sick. Why spend so much time? I guess this person has nothing better to do than toss off insensitive and cruel comments. And well, I am frankly pretty saddened by this whole thing. It makes me feel unsafe and untrusting in a place I thought was my own refuge from the daily toils and headaches of life.
I just can't imagine why any of this is happening. But you can bet that I'll be praying it stops soon.
Until next time, I pray for peace, especially for those involved in this bizarre and sad situation.
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