May 07, 2005
Happy Mother's Day!
Into a precious vessel
God Pours tenderness and love,
an understanding heart,
and all the joy a child dreams of...
He gives her His compassion
and a kindness like no other,
then wraps her in His quiet strength
and gently calls her Mother.

-Bonnie Jensen

On this Mother's Day, I pray you feel honored, blessed and loved in a special way.

I also want to thank each of you for making this last year one of the most friendship-filled years of my life. That you share your mothering experiences with me and share in mine is a blessing that I never imagined to have. I appreciate your friendship and influence. I could not have even dreamed to build the friendships I have with you when I started my online journaling one year ago on iParenting - on Mother's Day! What a long way I've come since that day. Thank You.

God Bless You.
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