May 13, 2005
Insomnia is Kicking my Butt
And I wish it would take some of it off my body...... (haha, get it? I wish insomnia would provide something productive, like help me get in better shape! or lose some weight at least....)

Here I am, awake after 1am and I just can't seem to get sleepy. Could be that I had a nap earlier due to the unbearable pain in my head. I awoke feeling even worse and I swore I was going to vomit from the pain. Luckily, A had come home and he gave me a double dose of the good stuff and within 3 quarters of an hour, I was able to see again, though the nausea and pain didn't subside for another half hour past that. I'm sick of migraines.

I am thinking I am going to get up early and take a walk before A goes to work. I'd like to get into a routine and get my body moving more - I need to feel better and it wouldn't be a bad thing to look better too. I can't believe I'm going to be 30 in less than 5 months.

So, my goal before then is to have a regular get-moving routine - whether I get to the gym or walk or whatever - I need to be doing something EVERY day during the week and probably Saturdays too. I'd also like to have lost a good bit of my excess, of which there is plenty. I have realistic goals - I'd like to lose about 30-40 pounds before my birthday. If I do that, I still have a hefty amount to lose, but let's take it 10 pounds at a time - by the end of this month. haha! No, really. I am committed. I've been thinking about this for much too long and now it is time to start DOING something about it.

Let's face it, if I don't get in better shape, I am in the twilight of my life here. My dad died at 38 years old and he was HEALTHY! So, the only thing I have on my side right now is that I am female. Everything else is a mess. So, support me in this, my friends. I shall be accountable to you, since I can't seem to be accountable to myself in the long term. I am going to start keeping a nutrition log again and I will add to it a fitness log. I will tell you that when I was regularly using my nutrition log, I was losing weight. When you see the calories and details add up, it makes it easy to curb your eating. So, as of Friday, May 13, I am on a renewed mission to feel better.

And, who knows, maybe it will help keep these migraines away....
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