May 17, 2005
Things NOT to say at the dinner table
The other night we were having dinner and the girls have been fighting about eating what A and I have each night. I had made glazed ham and baked sweet potatoes with salad and green beans.

V sat and cried through the whole meal without taking a bite. I was told by my therapist not to acknowledge her crying when she is being defiant, so A and I bit our tongues nearly through as she sat there and sniffled and sobbed the whole time.

Little A, on the other hand, did great, eating half her ham and some carrots from the salad. The "orange potatoes" were the difficulty for her, though. I gave them each just one small wedge (1 in square, maybe) since they've been gagging over sweet potatoes each week. Well, little A was finished with everything else, but refused to eat the potato. We insisted that she would not be allowed down from the table unless she ate that one small potato.

So she said "fu*ky"

A and I both said "What did you say?!"



"I sa-aid... I want a fu*ky!"

By this time, we were so confused and nearly bursting with laughter, though slightly horrified at what was coming out of our precious 3 year-old daughter's mouth.

So, my ever-translating husband says "Do you want a fORK?"

"Yes, a fu*ky!"

Oh. my. gosh. Thank goodness she didn't say this at her grandparents' house!
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