May 18, 2005
A Broken Heart
I didn't know that a broken heart could get more broken. Until tonight.
Today we went to mass, the intention was for the repose of the soul of my stepfather. It kinda hit me this morning that he is dead. I know it sounds silly, but when Little A got big fat tears in her eyes when she reminded me that Pop wouldn't be meeting us at church, I just about lost it. I can't believe he's really gone. I just can't believe it.
Tonight, I came home late after having dinner with a friend from playgroup. I was shocked by an IM directing me to check on a friend. Okay, I wasn't shocked by the IM, but I was shocked when I checked on the friend. I won't name names due to the subject matter and the personal nature of the news.
My friend has been struggling with post-partum depression. Actually, it sounds like she's possibly suffering from Post Partum Psychosis (the worst type). She tried to check herself into the hospital almost 2 weeks ago, but was sent away - apparently they didn't think she was depressed enough. Not 3 days later, she tried to take her life.
Thank God her husband sensed that something was wrong when he came to bed that night.
Thank God he tried to wake her and called 911 when he was unable to rouse her.
Thank God they were able to save her.
Thank God they finally took her illness seriously and they admitted her for treatment.
Thank God that He is taking care of her, even though she is far from recovered, I know that His healing balm will wash her and ease her pain.
Thank God that her husband loves her and will stand by her as she heals her heart and her mind.
Thank God she is willing to do whatever it takes to get better.
Thank God she IS a good mother and wife.
Thank God that He will give her and her family peace.
I can't imagine how much worse we'd all feel if I were posting that she was successful that night. My friend will be okay, but right now I feel like someone tore open my chest and ripped part of my heart out. I wish there were something I could do to help her feel better.
Thank God she's alive.
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