May 05, 2005
Blasted Weather!
We missed out on swimming yesterday afternoon at my mom's because of the rain.
We missed out on a zoo trip today because of the rain. bah!
We did have a nice little visit home, we had lunch yesterday with A's grandparents and then the girls got to play for a couple hours at my friend's home while I went to a meeting with my mom. Then we spent the rest of the afternoon into the evening with my mom before heading to have a casual dinner with friends (more playing for the kids!). And I was still in bed at A's parents' before 10 (and actually read part of a book - without pictures!).
Today, I was in a funk. No sleep = migraine so I was lazy this morning and then went to lunch with a friend and her daycare babies. Wow, I think I may have decided today that maybe I don't really want to have another baby after all. And then, the girls and I came home, where I happily crashed on the couch - ah, Home Sweet Home.
A was a perfect husband and father, taking care of dinner tonight and bathing the girls and getting them ready for bed, with nary a complaint. God Bless that man.
The weekend is supposed to be incredible and we will spend Saturday at the pool and we have reservations Sunday for an early dinner with A's parents, grandparents and my mom. A lovely Mother's Day celebration.
Only, someone key will be missing.
I guess it is good they didn't have biological children together, or Sunday would be even harder for my Mom.
There's loads of other things I could talk about it, but I just don't feel like it right now. Maybe later or in the morning.

God Bless.
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