May 27, 2005
I'm a Traveling (Wo)Man
I am about to sign off my computer for about a week. I might try to log in next Tuesday for a bit, but no guarantees, so this is my seeya later post.
Tomorrow morning, I will settle into my car for a very long drive (ah, so many hours of solitude!!). I plan on checking into the hotel (for B's husband and daughter, since the rooms are in my hubby's name) and taking a nap before heading over to Cara's. I am really looking forward to our get-together and we have some plans for drink and relaxation. Sunday, I'm not sure what time we'll all wake up, but I have tentative plans to go to church about noon and hope Becca and her family will come with me. We'll spend the day/evening together and I'll have my own room at the hotel where I'll hopefully get some good sleep before heading out early Monday to head home.
Wednesday, I'll be picking up a car to take to Miami. A has a systems training class on Thursday, so the girls and I are going with him. We have a room at a hotel on the beach. It will be a great mini-vacation for our family. Hopefully A's aunt's schedule will allow a visit with them as well. We don't get to see her family enough. We'll return home Sunday, to fall into bed exhausted after so much driving. :) Really, though, I am looking forward to both trips - one to connect with my friends and to spend some time without the constant responsibility of being mommy; and the other to connect with my family and have some much needed fun and family time.
So, you can see that the next week and a half is pretty busy for me. And well, in light of all the recent stresses in my life, it just might be a good thing that I am having a computer break. I'll get to spend a bit more time with V, teaching her to read. And maybe some time with Little A, helping her be more consistent on the potty.
Until next time, my friends, I pray for you and think of you often. And if you think you might just HAVE to get in touch with me sometime in the next week and half, send me an email and I will make sure you know how to get me. Those who are traveling this weekend, be safe and drive/fly carefully - and have a great time!
God Bless You.
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