February 24, 2005
Quick Update
Everyone here is finally better (except me! ugh. I am mostly better, but going to the doc for several reasons today, not the least of which is this brick in my head...) Great news is Nanny came home from the hospital full of spit and vinegar on Sunday. Poppop was a few days behind her in feeling better, but he too is now on the upswing. Their son is flying in today to spend a few days with them, so that is also a relief - taking some of the pressure of MIL to be there every day (she needs a rest from taking care of others).

After being sick for an entire week, I had some energy yesterday so went to town cleaning. Unpacked the last two boxes in our bedroom, organized our closet, put away mounds of laundry.... I am not close to finishing, but I got a good half of the work done yesterday.

Today I will be gone all day to our hometown for a dr. appt this morning and then a visit with my therapist after lunch. I have the whole day, past dinner even, to spend there since A is hosting a chamb*r of commerce reception at his hotel.

I will get a real entry up tomorrow.

Love to you all. God Bless!
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