February 12, 2005
"Because I'm a GENIUS"
Shopping at Sam*s Club....

Me: "Next thing on the list is peanut butter!" (You know how Kelly talked about beauty product whores? Well, my children are peanut butter whores. And if it is the only way I can get them to eat vegetables, I am all about the peanut butter.)

V: jumping up and down and dancing to the next aisle, shouting "peanut butter... peanut butter... peanut butter!"

Me: shaking head and wondering if anyone believes that my children have actually been fed today by their response to the peanut butter

V: runs over to the spot where the pb is and says "does this one say EXTRA CRUNCHY?"

(I will insert here that I have NEVER bought crunchy pb for them - I think they had the Publix brand at my in-laws, but it isn't the same package or anything.)

Me: Totally astounded because she was RIGHT - it said on the package Extra Crunchy "V, how did you know that says Extra Crunchy?"

V: Hands on hips and head cocked a bit to the side "Mommy, I know it says that because I am a GEEENIUS!"

No joke, I just about wet my pants right there in Sam*s Club.
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