February 16, 2005
Satan's Minions are Back ~ Prayer Request
This is not nearly as urgent as, say, Sean's needs. However, I know you all understand what it feels like to worry about your own child just as much as another mom worries for hers. I don't want this to sound like I think my problems are any worse or any more important than any of your own, but I really believe in the power of prayer and we could use some right about now.
I don't know if many of you know of Little A's history with ear infections. Or that it wreaks havoc on her respiratory system and requires many machine treatments per day to keep her asthma at bay. From here on out we will call ear infections satan's minions.
Last spring, as we were headed to FL for a weekend to spend with A's parents at Sea W*rld, Little A was showing signs of illness. You know - not sleeping, fever, vomiting... Well, it worked out perfectly that we were able to stop at a walk-in clinic right off the highway (called insurance for locations, etc. and there happened to be a place only 15 miles ahead of where we were when making the call). She was diagnosed with 2 satan's minions and given a prescription. We were able to continue the weekend and a good time was had by all.
Then, when I took Little A for her 2 yr check-up a month later, we were all surprised that satan's minions had hung around. So, yet another round of antibiotics. A month later, the same.... only we kinda expected it which is why I'd taken her to the doc. Each month the drugs got stronger and worse side effects - intestinal issues, yeast infections, the works - until in June (month 5) she was given the mother of all stuff and received a shot in each leg for three days. You read right. 6 shots in 3 days. The kid screamed bloody murder just when we walked in the office on the third day. She hated the (very nice) male nurse who was unfortunate enough to be the one assigned to use her tiny legs as pincushions. She cringes now when I tell her she needs to go to the doctor. She begged me not to let the opthamologist touch her - she told him she didn't want shots.... Oy. Up until those 6 shots, she was perfectly fine going to the doctor, even though she'd certainly been vaccinated before then.
Anyway, we FINALLY got a referral to an otolaryngologist (ENT) and wouldn't you know satan's minions left her before that appt. (we had to wait a month after the shots). The specialist said "if she gets another visit from those nasty minions this year, just call and schedule the surgery." For tubes. She did go on to say that possibly, Little A would grow enough for her own tubes to lengthen before we'd see any other problems.
Now, I know this is a routine kinda thing that some kids go through. But when it is your own child, you get freaked out. You don't want them to be put under anesthesia, you don't want docs poking and cutting and doing anything that has potential long-lasting ill effects. You just want your child to be well and healthy. Plus, Little A is a fish - this will definitely affect her ability to just hop in the pool....
But in wanting them to be well and healthy, a parent must also trust that sometimes the illness can be prevented by a medical procedure. Fu*k.
January 2, Little A was diagnosed with her next visit from those damn minions. I took that as a sign that she didn't need to have the surgery - look, they waited til the next year! and that specialist said THIS year and she didn't have one more in 2004!
But now, she's running a fever and not sleeping and well, I am pretty sure those little buggers are still hanging out throwing a party in her ears.
Pray I am wrong and her ears are clear and she just has some other little virus boppin around keeping her up all hours.
Sorry so long-winded. Be warned... I am feeling prolific today. ;)
God Bless you.
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