February 19, 2005
Could We Get a Break?!?!
Talked to A's mom this morning. Her parents are both sick - you know the grandmother who went into the hospital earlier this week? Well, she has double pneumonia and is not improving AT ALL. And her husband - Poppop - is sick with severe bronchitis/borderline pneumonia. As a matter of fact, A is on his way right now to care for his grandfather today.

And let's face it, we are selfish beings, we humans - I am sick and would really like A to stay home and take care of me and the girls who are also sick. However, I suggested that he go be with one of his grandparents since his mother is completely unable to be in two places at once. The plan here is to keep Poppop healthy enough that he won't end up in the hospital too. And hopefully..... well, hopefully Nanny will improve at least a little. I know that my MIL is starting to realize that there is a possibility that her mother won't improve and well, I think she is a bit overwhelmed at the idea. The thing that bothers me is that Nanny is "hopping mad" about being in the hospital and just wants to go home. Which means her mind is working. :)

So, if you have a moment this weekend, send some prayers our way. And let's not forget about Sandi's friend, who lost her four precious babes this week. I just can't imagine.

Until next time, God and good health be with all of you.
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