February 17, 2005
Blessings Abound
Now that I have more information on A's grandmother, I am thankful my MIL had the concern she did after her parents not coming to mass two mornings in a row. Without going into all the details, Nanny was in bed semi-unconscious for more than a day. Sounds like she hadn't eaten in 2 days. When MIL went over there yesterday morning to see what was going on, she was unable to wake up her mother. 911 came and all and well, now she is in the hospital. They suspect pneumonia or something like fluid around her lungs - we'll know more later today after the CAT scan is read. Most likely, MIL saved her mom's life by going there yesterday morning.

Ana has had a high fever for going on 39 hours. No vomiting, and no complaining about her ears, so I am questioning that it has anything to do with them. At 4 am today, I remembered that my friend Al's son had chicken pox (they found out 3 days after spending the night with us that he had chicken pox ~ something Al thought was impossible since he'd been immunized). So, we are wondering if this fever is chicken pox related - the timing is exact - the incubation period is about 21 days and tomorrow is day 21. However....

Now Veronica is sick too. And she threw up this morning. One thing, I am so proud of her - she gagged and knew she was about to get sick and she ran as fast as could be! She made it and actually ended up getting sick into the toilet - what a big girl!!!! Afterwards, she was happy to brush her teeth.....

Anyway, so here I am, debating whether or not to take them to the clinic (we don't have a pediatrician here yet).

Please pray for all of us, particularly for A's grandparents and parents.
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