February 21, 2005
Since I have nothing good to report on the health in our household, I will talk about something else that is going on here. Okay, actually, I will do two entries... An update first and then a real entry.

First, I will let you know that one good thing, no, two good things happened over the weekend. #1 A went Saturday to take care of his grandfather, lightening the load for his mom. What an awesome man I am married to. Even though it meant leaving his sick wife and daughters home alone, he was much more needed by his grandfather's side. And when I was at my weakest that day, so dizzy I fell on the way to the bathroom, he did leave his grandfather to come home to tend to me and the girls. So, he spent his whole day caring for sick people - without one complaint. He did take V out to the McD playland for dinner since she'd been stuck at home with her sick mom and sister and she took such good care of us. Getting tissues and water, rubbing my hand.... What a sweet girl. I told her that I think she will be a good mommy one day - you should have seen the pride on her face! And yesterday, A and V went to church on their own since Little A and I are still sick.

#2 A's grandmother came home from the hospital yesterday. This is good for her, but not so good for her husband, who seems to be weaker by the hour. Hopefully the doctor will do something different with his meds today to spur on healing.

Little A has had no fever since Friday, but true to form, she has a terrible cough and we are giving her albuterol treatments several times per day. I keep praying that she will outgrow this, but it seems to be hanging on, making every cold much much worse. She was up in the middle of the night last night, crying and coughing until I gave her a treatment and let her sleep in my spot with my pillow on the couch.

And now about me. Man, I hate being sick. This stuff started on Thursday, the worst seemed to be Saturday, but I was up last night from 1 am to 4:30 am and woke up this morning before 7:30 (thanks to V). I think something has settled in and I have a sinus infection - not to be gross, but isn't that when you have yellowish mucus? The pressure in my ears is nearly unbearable. My throat is raw and my torso completely sore from all the coughing. I am certain I will want to send the girls to their room shortly - no sleep and a sick mommy does not make for much patience - and they are already telling on each other today. If I don't show signs of improvement before this evening, A will have to take me to the clinic, in case I need antibiotics. ugh.

That's it for now. It is going to be hot here today. I was hoping I'd feel good enough to take the girls to the park, but now I think I am going to have to just let them play on the deck/porch - maybe I will get the paints out for them.

Hope you all have a great day. Keep the prayers coming for Sean and Brody, along with Sandi's friend Karen and her family.

Until next time, God Bless you with good health and peace.
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